5 simple things to do on your business website to achieve more sales

5 simple things to do on your business website to achieve more sales


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Making massive sales on your website shouldn’t be a rocket science and should be able to be done easily. Here are 5 simple strategies to drive sales from your website.

Add your business and your website to Google mybusiness:

Google myBusiness is business directory own by Google that makes your business come up on Google search whenever a prospect search for the kind of service in your location.

Add your business to Google Google Search Central (formerly Webmasters)

Google Webmaster is the search console system of the Google search engine. When you add your business to the Google Search Central, your website can now be visible on Google Search

Implement SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which uses keywords and other strategies to rank your website high on Google Search Engine. This requires you writing SEO optmized contents with keywords that are relevant to your business. With this, your business can easily rank high on Google search when prospects search your keywords.

Implement Live Chat and Email Form

Live Chat on your website shows you are always ready for business and ready to attend to prospects on time. The livechat shouldn’t be a complicated one. A Whatsapp livechat will do the job perfectly.

You should also implement form in your contact page and other relevant places like requesting for a quote form that prospects can fill and send email to you and also give them auto response.

Keep directing people to your website

Don’t just let your website be idle. Always refer to your website in your presentations, business pitch and events.

On your marketing resources, always put your website there because that will give your prospects confidence that you are really doing business.

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