WordFlex Consult looses count on achievements as she celebrate 1st anniversary

WordFlex Consult looses count on achievements as she celebrate 1st anniversary

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A content writing consult and content marketing agency, WordFlex Consult felicitates as she celebrates a year anniversary of starting out and serving the digital world with quality content.

It was a memorable moment at the University of Ibadan hotel on December 23rd, 2021, as WordFlex Consult Limited celebrated her first year of success and achievements.

It may sound astounding that WordFlex, a start-up writing firm, has achieved a remarkable and mind-blowing feat of excellence after a year of its foundation.

About WordFlex Consult

WordFlex started her journey in October 2020, and since then, they have made 182 published authors. In addition, they have written 264 articles, 25 whitepapers, 32 research writings, 96 web copies, 26 CVs, 32 SOPs, and above all, 6 business plans.

During her first year of existence, the writing agency achieved a meteoric rise to success because the team has been taking it as her best interest to bring out people’s ideas and spicing them up with a touch of excellence.

The truth is that the percentage of those who have made authors during our first year proves without a shadow of a doubt that our success story is true.

What does WordFlex Consult do?

You may wonder how a writing firm that sits at the heart of a society that doesn’t prioritize literacy will achieve such extraordinary achievements. Also, you may equally wonder how a start-up firm as WordFlex has a track record of success after a year it was founded.

With those records mentioned earlier, the firm become one of the best writing agencies that can help solve your writing and marketing problems.

The agency offers numerous services, including digital and content marketing, article writing, research writing, website content, book writing, SEO content creation, copywriting, curriculum vitae, business plan/ proposal, fiction/ nonfiction stories, and translation services.

WordFlex Consult celebrates first year anniversary

WordFlex’s 1st anniversary is a celebration of success, a celebration of unparalleled achievements, as mentioned by the Chief Editor/CEO of the StartupMr. Benjamin Lawal.

The party was held at the University of Ibadan hotel. The event was blessed with the presence of Mr. Adeniyi Moses Adetola, an entrepreneur and the brain behind Big Field Digital’s team.

Mr. Adeniyi happened to be the guest lecturer at the anniversary, where he spoke on the theme “Building a Sustainable Global Business in an Emerging Digital World.”

The Guest Speaker, in his speech, commented that Wordflex is impeccable because 80% of business falls in the first year. But, above all, the veteran entrepreneur and technology enthusiast vividly outlined how businesses can explore the digital world for the growth and development of their organizations.

No one would have thought that a writing firm can stand tall in the city of Ibadan. But the team at WordFlex has proven that it is possible.

Mr. Benjamin Lawal during his speech mentioned that a team is a learning machine, and they are always ready and prepared to become better each day.  Though WordFlex has achieved some astonishing achievements, we hope by next year that the company will have become one of the top writing firms locally and internationally.

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