Lamma, Tunisian Delivery Startup launches In Morocco

Lamma, Tunisian Delivery Startup launches In Morocco

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Lamma, a Tunisian e-commerce and delivery firm specializing in last-mile mobility (Last-Mile Mobility), launches in Morocco early this year as part of its global development.

Yassir El Ismaili El Edrissi, Hamza Guesmi, and Koussi Aymen launched Lamma in 2020, which delivers groceries, food, personal care, electronics, and fashion items to users in under 45 minutes utilizing a mix of dark storefronts and its network of partners.


“We believe that e-commerce in Africa suffers from last mile and inefficient payments. Cash on delivery and the inability to deliver the same day are hurdles that Lamma solves,” El Idrissi said in an interview.

“We are preparing to expand to new African countries, starting with Morocco,” he added.

In October last year, Orange Ventures invested in the company. With the investment, the startup announced the launch of its new Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) application, which aims to revolutionize customer experience in Tunisia by delivering all every day orders in less than 45 minutes.

Lamma Seed Fund

Lamma‘s entry into Morocco pits it against both Glovo and Jumia, both of which have a strong presence in the country. Jumia first opened its doors in Morocco in 201.2. Jumia will open up its logistics network to third-party Moroccan companies in November 2020. In late 2018, Glovo started in Morocco.

Since its debut, Lamma has been gaining traction. The startup has over 1,000 items and eateries in Tunisia at the time of the last count, including a supermarket and fresh produce, beauty products, fashion and para pharmacy, as well as electrical accessories and smartphones. It also has over 1,000 storage units and works with over 150 retailers (SKUs).

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