Multiply your sales with 1app’s new business feature

Multiply your sales with 1app’s new business feature

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1app is preferably the most reliable payment platform in the rising fintech space, for all kinds of smart payments such as airtime recharges, data bundles purchase, utility bills, loans, investment, school fees payment, sport betting payments, fund transfer to any bank, and other merchant services in Nigeria.

What is 1app?

1app is a mobile payment platform that started as; a regular VTU vending platform where people resell airtime, data, etc, and has now grown to become a fintech service provider for everything you need to pay for in just one dashboard.

1App now integrates all payments processing platforms across the country and helps businesses to negotiate for a cheaper price, stress-free and without compromising quality.

What does 1app do?

The continuous technological innovation in the financial sector has saved us, business owners and individuals alike, a lot of time and resources. While quick transfers and the use of payment gateways have been huge lifesavers, there are times they frustrate us.

Downtimes result in an increased drop-off rate which makes businesses lose potential customers. To avoid this, most business owners tend to use more than one method or register with more than one gateway.

Nevertheless, it takes time to know when a system is down and send the alternative methods to customers. It is also stressful to create and manage multiple accounts on different platforms that should do the same thing and balance your account sheets at the end of the year.

1app for your business

Instead of opening multi-accounts, 1app is expanding to give business owners a fully functional payment platform that helps you manage every payment platform. This feature, 1app Business, aggregates all payments methods into one to provide your business with a reliable payment system to get paid.

One registration with 1app Business gives you access to all payment platforms; giving your clients the flexibility to use any payment option they are most comfortable with.

It also gives you a unique payment link that you can share with your clients, a QR code that you can print and share, a free market store with unique links for all your products, access to all available 1app software and APIs.

With simple designs, straightforward processes, and comprehensive documentation, you can start receiving payment in no time.

How 1app wants to serve your business

The ultimate mission of 1app is to remove the troubles of a payment system and report from you, so you can focus more on delivering your business’ value.
1app Business gives you a safe, reliable, and accountable method to accept payments with ease and without a website.

1app Business is solving a problem businesses currently face; it allows you to get paid online easily, manage your finances right on your laptop or phone app, and increase your sales in the process.

Visit to get started. You can also leave feedback for the 1app team on [email protected]

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