Entrepreneurs, what will your SMEs’ challenge be in 2022?

Entrepreneurs, what will your SMEs’ challenge be in 2022?

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As an entrepreneur, you must have been planning and designing a brand and authority that will stand the test of time and be a relevant solution in your industry from the day you set out, but still, you also encounter one or more challenges as everything changes and new developments evolve.

Not minding whether your business or organization has two or thousands of employees, it needs to be seen and recognized for its products, services, organizational philosophy, and objectives. So our concern is how do you intend to make it better and get ready to face new challenges coming next year, 2022?

Being able to understand the nature, virtues, problems, and needs of your SMEs, MSMEs, or company is a way to facilitate being able to help them in their growth and in each of the processes that they are going through, especially in recent years. Understand that none is the same as the other, each has startup has its own traits and challenges.

Entrepreneurs in Africa are the main source of employment and the pillar of the bread and butter and development of the economy of our countries. Vertical Teams Ltd. for example is indeed a team-driven IT solutions company serving businesses in different industries across the globe.

Vertical Teams Ltd. does not just build IT solutions for businesses, we establish a long-lasting relationship that ensures businesses we serve to grow to their full potential and profits. We provide bespoke IT services, Web, Mobile App Development, Cloud Infrastructure support, IT training, and Premium IT Support and Consultancy.

How are you planning for 2022

Recent years have been typical and not easy to cope with. Each new cycle is different and presents new and important challenges for everyone. Among the main challenges that SMEs will face in the year 2022 are:

  • Reengineering and structure of its corporate governance
  • Strengthening of its organizational philosophy and a clear business vision
  • Incorporation of more and better technologies
  • Financial controls to help avoid “unplanned expenses”
  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Configuration of a human capital area as a strategically
  • Brand strengthening
  • Digital marketing and business generation through social networks
  • Leadership strengthening
  • Innovation as a constant process
  • Search for strategic allies

Achieving the understanding and transformation of an SME into a top-profiled organisation is not an easy task. However, with a practical methodology gotten from Great Place To Work, a Mexican company,  it is possible to walk there.

  1. Diagnosis: Of processes, policies, and practices, to understand the current structure and culture and determine what other “good practices” could be added.
  2. Presentation of results: Once all the information has been processed and analyzed, a meeting is called where decision-makers know in detail all the information and results, which are presented with high-end tools that through heat maps allow determining areas of opportunity, strengths, and neutral points.
  3. Deliverables and training: At the end of the process, deliverables are released and training is provided to make use of all the benefits of the tools and take advantage of the possibility of generating your own reports. With a strategic understanding session where a “senior consultant” interviews the owner or CEO of the company, the strategy of the transformation project is aligned in the short, medium, and long term.
  4. Brand exposure and employer brand: Brand presence through social networks, media, and events. This allows networking and generating strategic alliances of value for the business.
  5. Development and networking: With quality events ( coffee-talks, best practices forums, interviews with leaders, among others) you learn from each other to grow the business and culture with the experience of other leaders and other companies.

As 2022 will be a year of more challenges, entrepreneurs, SMEs, MSMEs, and organisations are not alone, getting updates around the industry from Stacpreneur will not be an issue.

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