Facebook to launch Edtech app Sabee in Nigeria

Facebook to launch Edtech app Sabee in Nigeria

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Facebook Inc is currently working on educational app “Sabee”, which focused on creating online education for Nigerians. Through the app Facebook aims to connect learners and educators in online communities to create a learning environment that can work no matter the location.

“Sabee “is currently in early alpha testing with fewer than 100 testers who are under non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with Facebook Inc, TechCrunch reported.

Research shows that there are 97.5 million children out of school in Africa (UNICEF 2017). Nigeria as a country still takes a higher percentage from this statistic. There are 50 million learners, but only 2 million educators in Nigeria,” Facebook’s Nigeria Product Lead, Emeka Okafor, said. “With this small, early test, we’re hoping to understand how we can help educators build communities that make education available to everyone. We look forward to learning with our early testers, and deciding what to do from there, he added.

Sabee focuses on creating learning without borders especially for women and girls, thereby bridging the gap between learners and educators.

Sabee of Facebook will be playing in the same industry with other dominant edtech startups like uLesson amongst others in Nigeria.

In order to create an effective learning platform, Facebook is also engineering Sabee app to work with connectivity as low as 2G, thereby serving the class of people technology has left behind.

Aside from this small group of testers, Sabee is not available for anyone else presently but Facebook hopes to scale it to the next stage before the end of the year.

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