7 mental laws to grow business marketing

7 mental laws to grow business marketing

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Human beings are mental beings. We all are. Your success in anything you do is determined to a large extent by how much you understand mental processes and how it works for you.

There are seven mental laws when it comes to selling which when applied in your activities will promote your selling career. They have been tested by top sales people and found to be actively working. As a sales person, you should know them and apply them for maximal results.

Law 1: The law of cause and effect

This law is as stable as the law of gravity yet a few people understand it. It is often called the “iron” law and it says that, if you want to achieve what someone else has achieved, you would only need to know what they did to arrive there and duplicate exactly the same. It is like tracing their footprints back to where they came from (where you may be now) and to place your feet in the same prints.

Every result is an effect and for every effect, there is a cause. Sales success is an effect which has causes. Once you, as a salesperson can understand that no successful person in your field got there by mere wishing; starting the day late, poorly managing their time, taking long breaks and spending much of their days vainly socializing, you will follow the same principles they did and as sure as sure can be, you will be as successful as they are in your selling career. So, you should be looking out for what those successful salespeople do and follow. Goodluck with that!

Law 2: The law of compensation

This was shed light on by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It can other wise be called the law of “sowing and reaping”and states that however little or much your effort(contribution) is, you will be compensated for it.

You can never be compensated in the long term for more than you put in, says this law. To increase your compensation which in this case is your sales success (magnitude of your market), you must increase your effort(contribution).

A stretch of this law is that of over compensation which affirms that no one just gets overcompensated. They must have made a habit of putting in more; increasing their knowledge and skills in selling as well as efforts towards marketing and making customers, more than what they had been taking out of it; getting paid or receiving as revenue. People get over rewarded because they had been over prepared. Great sales success comes with high esteem from employers and customers as well as financial rewards and they all come as a compensation for efforts put in.

Law 3: The law of control

This mental law applies to selling. It says that, “You feel good about yourself to the degree to which you feel you are in control of your life” and vise versa.

As a salesperson, you may be one of the career or business people who need a positive mental attitude the most because your business is with people and no one likes to have anything to do with a person who is grumpy, lacks confidence or shows traits of a negative mental attitude. Psychologists have shown clearly that a positive mental attitude is hinged on a sense of control. You get in a very bad mood when you feel like everything is happening left-handedly and not as planned. However, when you feel you are in complete control of all you do and are in charge of how you respond to what happens to you, you find that you are an optimistic person and people want to do business with you!

If you take responsibility for the things that happen to you, not pushing the blame elsewhere yet working on moving forward, you will be much happier and have more positive outcomes in your marketing and selling.

Law 4: The law of attraction

This is probably the most popular law and I can guess you may have some knowledge of it. It states that, “You are a living magnet and you inevitably attract people and circumstances which are in harmony with your dominant thoughts into your life. It is amazing how powerful our thoughts are, sending waves(mental energy) that attracts like events and people. So the more positive and optimistic about yourself and your products/services you are, the more positive energy you release that attracts endless chain of leads, prospects, referrals and sales opportunities, and the better you serve customers, the more customers will be attracted to you for service.

Because everything you are in life today was attracted to you by you, you can be more by changing your dominant thoughts. Feeding the emotion in your thinking intensifies the magnetic power of your mind and you can do this by actively controlling what goes on in your mind, fuelling it consciously with what you want to see in your marketing and sales career. Do this and see your desires get attracted to you, becoming as you want it.

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Law 5: The law of concentration

This law states that, “Whatever you dwell upon grows and expands in your life”. This supports the law of attraction. It happens to be a double edged sword in that if you think continually about your goals as a salesperson and how effective you want to be, you will find it dominate your words and deeds till it becomes a reality but if you invest your thoughts in the bills you have to pay and tremble about the idea of possible rejection or meeting new prospects, you will see the fears expand and dominate your behavior instead till you become “lazy”, making excuses for not doing what you should and eventually failing.

That’s why successful people become more successful, thinking about what they want and unsuccessful people become more unsuccessful, thinking about what they don’t want. You are reading this because you want to succeed more at what you do so you must keep your mind and activities consistent with that desire.

Law 6: The law of belief

our beliefs control your reality. What you subsconsciously believe is what materializes for you. Think of that lady who you wouldn’t readily count as beautiful, I bet you that if we had an x-ray of her mind, we will find that deep down she doesn’t believe she is beautiful and so appears as she believes. You can always tell what people believe by simply looking at what they do.

If you believe that you are destined to be a great success in your field of selling, and you walk, talk and act accordingly every single day as you approach potential customers, you would develop a high performer’s mindset and consequentially, get consistent results.

To a percentage as large as 95%, you are who, what and where you are because of your beliefs. Self-limiting beliefs are the worst. Negative beliefs like, “I lack the ability…intelligence…appeaeance…energy level…creativity…skills etc” hold you back and the most helpful stepping stone to applying this law of belief rightly is to challenge such retrogressive beliefs. Debunk those limitations and they will lose their hold over you. In no sooner time, they will not be a factor anymore, pretty much same way that similar or even greater difficulties are no factor with some successful people in your field.

You don’t have an excuse good enough to be a reason, so don’t believe them.

Law 7: The law of correspondence

This is a summarizing law of all aforementioned which states that, “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world”. Nature is impartial and will only reflect in your outer world who you really are, not what you want to be or pretend to be.

Your employer, colleagues and customers even prospective ones will respond to you based on your behavior towards them, they will react to you based on how you view yourself or them. If you are jolly, they will gravitate towards you. If you are not confident, they will not be convinced about your ability or knowledge or even expertise.

Your level of success in your field will not reflect your wish. It will reflect your training and development through study and practise to a point where you truly believe that yiu are excellent at what you do. Your attitude will be seen in your behavior and will be reflected in your results. Poor results(sales) only show that your inner preparation and attitude isn’t optimum.

Observing these seven laws which center on making yourself a positive person mentally might be all you needed to boost your sales career! Cheers!

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