5 things to plan for as the year 2020 lights out

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As the spike in Covid variants are now being recorded across the world, we are optimistic it will end this year.

But, though we don’t want but.. You can PLAN for these 5 things before the year runs out.


Well, as it happened beginning of 2020, it was uncertainty in 2019 but it came and we move.

No one planned for Covid but it came and we all don’t have choice than to comply and pivot our way of live.

So as the year is running out, plan for the uncertainty, at least it is still part of life 😀


If you have not been serious with an online business, plan different online businesses before the end of the year.

We don’t hope for another lockdown but it was recorded during the first lockdown great successes in online businesses like eCommerce, delivery, blogging, online training etc

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So, plan different online businesses and start this year.

You can contact vertical.com.ng to help you setup any of the online businesses you choose to start.


Yes, I believe this is not new again.

During the lockdown, many businesses move their workforce remotely and many companies are yet to back to the office.

As we face another uncertainty, it is a must you learn how to do a proper setup of home office, remote communication and so on.


If you want to survive in uncertainty, you must have different skills.

Most especially, you must learn skills that can run globally no matter where you are.

Internet skills and technical skills are most sought after in year 2020 and it is not expected to drop in the future.


Covid has taught many lessons and most importantly, health is above all thing.

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Good health is good life. No health, no business.

So as we are moving out of 2020, reflect, relax and stay safe.

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