Five Startups that made more money in Nigeria during the lockdown

Five Startups that made more money in Nigeria during the lockdown

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Despite the Covid-19 pandemic break out a few months back, being an unexpected disaster as it is to some business causing total lockdown in the whole world and some business shutting down, its still an opportunity for some other business to make more money.

Reading through with me in this article, you will finally believe that you or your business can make more money in a time like this and other businesses that have been scaling for this lockdown reasons.

Will you agree with me that making more success in business lies in the ability to recognize “common issues” and provided a lasting solution to it? And in other words, “being so flexible”, I mean the ability to adapt quickly and provide your own solution to others as a service. 

So, without taking too much of your time lets dive quickly into some industries and startups that are providing the right solutions to the current common issue while scaling their business too.

5 industries making more money despite lockdown.

  1. From the Fintech Industry


Paystact is still proving to be the fastest, simplest, safest, and customer friendly fast-rising fintech startup in Nigeria. Recently we made a post about this company and one of her customer’s saga on Twitter.

This Fintech company has backed over 60,000 businesses in Africa for accepting their payments.

 How’s Paystack scaling this time?

Many businesses are now coming online and since we are in lockdown, they still need a way to accept payment from their customers. 

With Paystack, you actually do not need a website or any programming experience to start receiving payment from your customers online, and this process is always seamless while they take a friendly charge from you on your transactions. See why many choose Paystack

  1. Inside the Telecommunication Industry


Everyone was under total lockdown for a few months and we all need to know whats going on around us using the internet or cable TV, even though we may also need to recharge our phone to call your friends and family to check on them.

See How 1app bridge this gap

You can actually do all payments and subscription with 1app without leaving your bed, this platform allows you to buy all the major subscription you need from your device using her app or web platform and even at a more cheaper rate. See all you can do with 1app.

  1. Investment Industry

This is one asset management platform that erupted here in Nigeria and continually proving to have come to stay. With this platform, you can invest your money in stocks and assets online without leaving home while you track your ROI on the go. Since we cannot go out and make physical business happen.

See why has been smart peoples choice gives her users the ability to invest in various assets or stocks varying from agriculture to even real estate in one dashboard, isn’t that cool enough? Then they give you the necessary support minding that we are dealing with our hard-earned money, we would like to hear from someone who we can hold responsible.

They are also concerned about transparency so you would know how much you are making with your investment and they are also backed up with a Nigerian leading and certified payment platform, Flutterwave as their payment processor. See how you can start investing with this asset management platform.

  1. Edutech Industry


Since we are all at home even with our kids not going to schools, they need to continue their education so as not to have forgotten or lagged behind their mates in the academic curriculum. Some schools tried building their classes online too but probably not all parents will want to opt for that, maybe they want the same school fees or even more. 

Gradely bridged that space already

On this platform, you can sign up for free and can create one free diagnostic test for your child. Their basic subscription plan of #1,500 which gives your child access to Gradely gamified practice for one month. Just like they are in the world competing for a trophy, I think every child will want that. Learn more about Gradely, you may want this for your ward too.

  1. Logistics and Transportation Industry

Metra Africa Xpress, popularly known as has come to fix in the ride-hailing and also Logistics and delivery company and they have stood a lot of test of time which gives many the belief that they have actually come to stay longer than we expected.

Here’s how is using lockdown to scale their business

Like I said earlier, flexibility in business is very important, operates in five states in Nigeria but recently has a threat of growth in Lagos due to restriction in all passenger bikers in the states but they are able to stay since they also offer logistic services which everyone really needs during the lockdown.

So therefore I will like to know if you are actually convinced about these five startups, and basically this will also give you insight on how to make your startup stand out in times like this and how you can scale them. 

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