Ekiti partners Max.ng to digitize mobility (Motorcycle, Tricycle) sector

Ekiti partners Max.ng to digitize mobility (Motorcycle, Tricycle) sector

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Ekiti State government in the Southwest of Nigeria has announced a partnership with Max.ng a motorcycle and mobility startup, to digitise operations of commercial motorcycles (Okada) and tricycles (Keke). The startup (Max.ng) will deploy Metrogov its new identity and security technology to effect this innovation in the state.

According to the partnership, what this does is not to ban Motorcycle (Okada) and Tricycle (Keke Napep) operators but instead to onboard into the Max.ng technology.

As against the banning of motorcycle and tricycle operators both digital and informal sector in Lagos state early this year despite all odds against the regulation.

MAX.ng’s Metrogov will provide digital identities for drivers, and a platform to register and track vehicles. Okada drivers would be trained and licensed, and once registered, they would gain access to health insurance, life insurance, and vehicle financing.

According to Techpoint who engaged Eleazar Olumuyiwa Ogunmilade Chairman of the Ekiti State Internal Revenue Service, it seems the Ekiti State government carries every stakeholder along in the new regulation.

“They have expressed their commitment to the new system as they agree this would guarantee the safety of our citizens, and would deliver improved services to both transport operators and commuters.” said Eleazar Olumuyiwa Ogunmilade

“Our goal in developing the MetroGov platform is to volunteer and offer our expertise to Regulators, Governments, Public Sector partners, Transport Associations, and non-profit organizations in delivering safer transportation services to citizens,” says Adetayo Bamiduro, CEO of MAX.ng on the MetroGov innovation.

Early this year, Ekiti set the ball rolling by crashing RoW charges in May 2020, and is currently in the middle of developing a knowledge economy to boost innovation and investments.

A beep into the state knowledge economy, we are likely going to see more interesting development in Ile Iyi, Ile Eye (Land of Honour and Integrity)

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