How jiji, olist and other classified ads websites make money

How jiji, olist and other classified ads websites make money

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jiji is a classified ads website where they let people list their products for sale and they do the  marketing to get buyer very fast for the listed products. How jiji and other classified ads website make money in Nigeria

The following ways are the simple model jiji and other classified ads websites make money in Nigeria. So, you can apply the same strategy to your classified ads business as well.


They make money buy applying for Google AdSense and when they are approved, Google place ads on the website and the more clicks, the more returns. But note, this can only happen when they have huge number of visitors that buy and sell. This method has worked overtime and it is still working. The selling point is high traffic.


Since they market the seller products, they have different packages which enable the seller to get quick sales. The package the seller choose will determine the number of calls the seller will receive from buyers. The level of marketing they will do on listed products depend on the features of the package subscribed too by the seller.


Another way they make money is through affiliate marketing. This is different from Adsense in the sense that they subscribe to a particular company lets say Jumia as affiliate marketer and they get Jumia product codes and place on their classified website. The more the clicks that result to purchase of products on Jumia, the more their return. This method has been proving to be potent too as it yields great profit but still the selling point is still good traffic.


Well, even big foreign companies do this. When you enter your information on some websites, they sell your emails and phone number to companies that need them for marketing purpose. Of course this only happen when you accept their privacy policy but how many of us read that? So, we hurriedly click accept. This is the reason why you receive emails, calls or SMS from companies or products you don’t know where they came from.


This is not common in Nigeria though but you can explore it too in your classified ads business. The concept is that before sellers post a product, they must have subscribed as a member on the website. It may be monthly, annually as the case may be. This give them some level of privilege and access to features base on their membership plan.

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