How I Hack: Orifunke Lawal, brand strategist and writer

How I Hack: Orifunke Lawal, brand strategist and writer

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When it comes to writing, branding and intelligent communication, our person on how I hack this week is a wiz.

She recently launched a book that throws the internet on fire because the content is all that you need to know about social writing, it is also totally free.

Over the years, Orifunke Lawal has written different impactful articles on social media and document format. She has pioneered different movements like the LadyWithBalls and the LagosSeries.

This week How I Hack, Orifunke Lawal shares her journey, workday life, tech tools and how she hack things in her own way.

Current Role: Head of Branding & Corporate Communications, SEL Capital

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Describe how you work in one word


Briefly describe how you started

Well, I started before I left school, in my first year or so. I was first a writer and a social media manager for a brand, working for free. Then I moved on as Editor-in-chief as well as Creative director. I’d say that’s the period I got proper communications experience.

How do you hack your workday to maximum performance?

I work with a to-do list and I check for progress at intervals. I lead a team so a part of my to-do list has to do with following up on others’ tasks. I start with the ones I can get over with first. Then I move on to the more complex ones. (I know it’s the other way round for people but for me, when I am able to solve the small things, it’s much easier to deal with the big ones)

How do you learn new things?

I read a lot. I have a goal to read one article per day on Medium so I read a lot. When I come across a link and I cannot read immediately, I open it on my tab and I go back to it later. I always have books to read when I am on my way home from work too.

What task(s) do you dislike but you don’t have a choice than to do them

My team usually has to deal with certain vendors and vendor-relationships can be really stressful and time-consuming. There’s the point of deciding what to do, and then looking for who to do it, and then having them come in or having a comprehensive chat with them. Then ask them to send a sample of what we want as well as an invoice. Then getting approval from relevant authorities to go ahead. Then giving the vendors the task and having to follow up on them at every step of the way. Then when they are done, checking to be sure they did it well. Then tabling in before relevant authorities again. If it is approved, we go ahead and pay. If it isn’t, we start the process all over again.

I dislike the fact that I have to do tasks like this because I usually just like to get stuff over it without them lingering for too long.

Source: Orifunke Lawal FB page

What is your favourite shortcut at work

Asking for help from someone who I think can do it better and then following up when need be.

I have tasks for the week and each day. So, I get to work every day based on what I have listed. My work usually revolves around communicating with all stakeholders of the company, anyway; from employees to customers to partners and the general public.

What tools do you use every day to remain productive

Google Sheets!

What problem(s) are you still trying to solve and still no solution yet

Errrrm… I can’t remember right now. I have a number of pending projects but it’s a matter of time, not that they do not have solutions.

What are you currently reading, watching or learning

I’m reading an article on Content Creation on Hubspot. I’m watching a movie titled “Wives on Strike”. I am learning a lot.

What is the best advice you ever received

Always document your achievements daily.

Who will you like to answer these questions

Debo Ajayi, CEO, Endive Digital.

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