Gokada CEO/Founder Fahim Saleh was gruesomely murdered in NYC

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In the wake of this day, the news broke on the internet the death of the Founder and CEO of Gokada, a motorcycle hailing and logistic startup in Nigeria.

According to the reports on Social Media and on New York dailies, he was gruesomely murdered with an electric saw and his body pieces in his million dollars property in NYC.

Before his death, he was the founder of the first ride-hailing startup in Nigeria. Early this year, Gokada pivoted into logistic business due to the ban of motorcycles in the major parts of Lagos, Nigeria.

In starting up in Nigeria, we covered the story of how Fahim Saleh started Gokada in Nigeria and the journey of raising $5.3 Million.

This is a very sad news and many tech entrepreneurs in Nigeria are in sad mood right now.

Fahim is 33 before his death and up till now, the murderers have not been captured.

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May his soul rest in peace

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