Youtube launched Youtube Music and Youtube Premium ad-free in Nigeria

Youtube launched Youtube Music and Youtube Premium ad-free in Nigeria

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Before now, Youtube content creators only have the opportunity to make money from Youtube through Youtube Adsense. Many of the creators have not been able to make from the Youtube Adsense.

Youtube Music in Nigeria

Today March 11th, 2020, Google launches Youtube Music a music streaming platform for Nigerian artists. Nigeria is the second market in Africa for Youtube Music after South Africa which was launched in May 2018.

Alongside the Youtube Music, Google will also be launching Youtube Premium, a ad-free video platform.

On the YouTube Music’s royalty model for Nigerian artistes, Youtube Partnership Manager, sub-Saharan Africa, Addy Awofisayo, pointed out that, “We already have an agreement with COSON (the Copyright Society of Nigeria), so that’s how the artistes get paid.”

Checking the apps out on both on iOS and Android, has a full description of how the user interface and experience look like.

Youtube Premium in Nigeria

As we earlier stated, with the Youtube Music launched today, Youtube Premium will be launched also in the Nigeria market.

Last time I was looking for a video hosting platform for a client, we really wanted to settle for Youtube but the ads are just too annoying.

With the launch of the ads free video platform in Nigeria, content creators can make money from their contents from Youtube royalty mode.

Youtube Monthly Subscription

It is possible to use the Youtube Music for free both on Android and iOs but the constraint is that some features will not be accessible like download and music background.

One of the exciting thing about these launch is that, users in Nigeria can pay with their Naira Debit cards from any banks in Nigeria.

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