Nigeria’s fintech startup, Paga partners with Visa

Nigeria’s fintech startup, Paga partners with Visa

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Nigeria’s Fintech company, Paga has signed a strategic partnership with Visa. Paga is the orange branded Fintech Company that operates in the financial inclusion market in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Barely two months after Apposit, a software development company of Paga was acquired, the company on its medium page announced the strategic partnership with Visa.

From the announcement, CEO Tayo Oviosu explains:

“This partnership is in line with Visa’s goals to drive alternative payment channels, in this case, mobile wallets, within its global ecosystem. For Paga, partnering with Visa is one step further in our global expansion plans. Now, all Paga account holders will have access to Visa credentials (physical and virtual cards) tied to their Paga accounts and thus the ability to transact anywhere in the world Visa is accepted.” Here’s a bonus: Paga is also working on QR codes and NFC for merchant payments and online payments”

The CEO also clarified that the partnership with strategically includes their merchants.

Reflecting on why Visa chose to partner with Paga, Otto Williams, Visa’s Vice President, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Fintech & Ventures for Central Europe Middle East and Africa commented;

We are excited to have Paga plug into our network, as a company we remain grounded on the principles of partnership, innovation, trust, and openness. This development ushers in a new era of speed and convenience beyond borders. It also allows us to continue working towards innovating robust platforms through which merchants using Paga’s payment collection suite can benefit from international money transfers and the growing eCommerce industry.

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