lendsqr is a unique platform to start a lending business

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Fintech has really disrupted the lending business in Nigeria with different players. Here comes lendsqr, a unique platform to start a lending business as an individual or business in Nigeria.

The unique thing about lendsqr is that they create the platform for lenders to start their lending business and borrowers to borrow conveniently.

This awesome feature has distinguished lendsqr from other existing players. Platforms like Carbon (Paylater), Aella-Credit and others provide lending services to borrowers as a company. As against that model, lendsqr built the platform for lenders to start giving out loans at their own will.

Starting up a lending platform requires lot of technicality and regulations but lendsqr has taken off that burden. Anybody can start lending business the right way on lendsqr platform.

In the simplest form, lendsqr does not give out loans, they simply give businesses or individuals the platform to start lending or giving loans.

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How to start a lending business in Nigeria

There are just three simple steps to start lending on lendsqr in Nigeria.

Create your account

Sign up for an account with your name, email and phone number.

Setup your loan product

Create loan products with custom requirements for your borrowers.

Start lending

Invite your friends, borrowers via email to start lending them money.

To start your lending business today, visit lendsqr website

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