Whatsapp and Facebook security issues, is this peculiar to Nigeria alone?

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Whatsapp and Facebook are both owned by the same company, Facebook Inc but the security threat in Nigeria on these platforms is a big concern.

Recently, there has been a lot of complaints in Nigeria by users of both Whatsapp and Facebook of their accounts being hacked.

In this week alone, I have received more than four reports of friends’ accounts being hacked.

This is a big Whatsapp and Facebook security threat in Nigeria. The perpetrators having gain access will start sending illegal information with the victim’s account to lure friends and families.

The question is, it this problem peculiar to Nigeria alone? In our research, we found out that Whatapp and Facebook security threat is a general problem.

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In 2018, the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos’s iPhone was hacked on Whatsapp and his private messages were accessed. That is one of the highly successful US citizens.

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It is just simple social engineering. The perpetrators simply leverage on chances and get sensitive information to access their target apps. This is not programming, it is just some evil genius at work.

As stupidly this can be cheaply perfected, it can as well be easily avoided.

On Facebook, for example, there is a Two Factor Authentication feature under Settings>Security that can easily prevent hacking coming into play.

Also on Whatsapp, there is a Two Factor Factor Authentication feature under Settings>Security that can also easily make any hack avoidable.

This is not also peculiar to Facebook and Whatsapp only. This includes, Instagram, Twitter, and every other digital platforms including banks.

My best advice is that users should always activate every security feature on their gadgets and digital platforms.

It can happen anytime, prevention is better than cure.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah, Babatunde

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