Gokada, a Lagos based motorcyle-hailing startup sacks most of its workforce

Gokada, a Lagos based motorcyle-hailing startup sacks most of its workforce

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We can confirm that Gokada, a Lagos based motorcyle-haling startup has sacked most of its workforce.

Through a story published by Techpoint, we confirmed the lay off of Gokada’s major workforce strength. The Co-CEO and founder of Gokada, Fahim Saleh confirmed the report through a Techpoint reporter @ulonnaya.

@ulonnaya while much of your report is accurate, we still have money in the bank and are pivoting towards deliveries while this transport ban gets sorted. we were due to make a profit in January before the ban was announced.

Fahim Saleh, CO-CEO Gokada

Around August 2019, after a well-praised Gokada raised $5.3M, the startup suspended mobility operation to undergo technical rewire.

In case you don’t know, it is about a week ago, on the 27th of January, the Lagos state government announced the ban of all forms of motorcycles and tricycles in major parts of Lagos. Motorcycle-hailing startups like OPay (ORide), Gokada and MAX Okada were not exempt.

According to Fahim, despite the startup entered some financial crisis in December, it is due to make a profit in January and now the services have been banned.

Also in a tweet, the co-founder of Gokada where he was pleading to the Lagos State Governor not to hamper innovation, claimed Gokoda is not Okada.

And that statement is fairly true. Gokada has changed the motoryclycle-hailing business and it is well distinct from the traditional Okada.

With brand new motorcycles for riders, helmet and Bluetooth with well-kitted riders, Gokada changed the game.

In my opinion, the ban on motorcycles in Lagos has grossly affected innovation and will have a big negative effect on the state especially resulting in unemployment.

And this may discourage many other entrepreneurs to start a business because of the fear of unfavourable Government policies.

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