DevCareer, a Nigerian tech accelerator receives $6,000 from CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey

DevCareer, a Nigerian tech accelerator receives $6,000 from CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey

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DevCareer, a Nigerian tech accelerator that is not for a profit with the aim of raising tech talents in Africa has raised £16,000 ($20,599), with a £5,000 ($6,437) donation from CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

In his intention to fulfill his goals, a Nigerian software developer, Sultan Akintunde started giving out free courses to developers in Nigeria on Twitter but the results and progress tracking becomes a nightmare.

Aside from the issue o being able to track those who receive the courses, he had a second thought that the beneficiaries of the courses might not even have access to laptops, the Internet and even power supply.

How does DevCareer provide free training and free laptops?

This gave birth to the #laptop4developer campaign which has received lots of donations both within Africa and foreign countries, the latest is a donation of £5,000 ($6,437) from the CEO of Twitter.

Considering the fact that they are other vibrant organizations like Vertical Hub, Andela, Decagon that bridge the gap of providing developers training but they are not free.

This model has given the organization the opportunity to give the laptops free and train aspiring developers free.

How DevCareer started

In 2019, Sultan Akintunde (@hacksultan) began a campaign on Twitter to raise ₦1 million ($2751) to buy laptops for 10 developers. That was his first push, the target was highly met.

So far, the DevCareer has raised £21,000 ($27,037), with a recent £5,000 ($6437) from Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. This exclude partnerships with companies like KudaBank, Eden Life, etc.

In the second cohort of the developers training, the company will train 50 aspiring developers and give them free laptops.

The future of DevCareer

The organization has now grown beyond laptops for developers as it now trains world-class developers.

For its first cohort, DevCareer raised £5000 ($6437) and trained 22 developers across three states in Nigeria.

Successful participants were picked based on aptitude tests with physical meetings but all the training is online.

DevCareer’s second cohort spreads across Africa

In the second cohort, the organization scale to other African countries. When the company announced its application in January 2020, it receives over 10,000 applications.

To cut the number of applications, it picked participants across three states in Nigeria with the highest registration numbers. But in its second cohort, it is picking states with the best performance in aptitude tests: Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Abuja, and Rivers states. It also received several applications from African countries like Zambia, Kenya, and Ghana.

With big dreams for its second cohort, the company needed £10,000 ($12,874) to train 50 developers across Africa. But by September 2019, the company had been stuck at the £7,000 ($9,012)mark for weeks. 

Akintunde says one last push on Twitter helped DevCareer reach its goal of £10,000 ($12,874) but the big surprise was Jack Dorsey’s £5,000 contribution.

According to Akintunde, the second or future cohort might have a different model. In this case, developers will be sent to companies based on internship. The developers will use the company’s workspace, Internet but DevCareer will be doing the teaching.

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