Talk is cheap, act now

Talk is cheap, act now

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The new year 2020 has come with extraordinary speed. You need to stop talking and start acting now.

Being a well promising year where many innovations will spring forth, technology will take over so many things and many startups will surface that will shape the future, the year is not smiling at all.

So, as an entrepreneur that has talked much about achieving great stuff this year, the year has started with the speed of light already.

There is no shortcut to achieving greatness this year than to start implementing those many talks right now.


Stop writing new ideas. Your diary is full of many ideas and you have not implemented anyone. You have talked so much about your brilliant idea but none in the market.

Dear, this is the time to implement that brilliant one. Just implement it. Hit the market and feel the heat too.


Don’t remain prototype, launch right now. You have been talking of your product prototype without a single live user, that should stop now.

Launch and gain traction. Let your user feel it and gain both negative and positive feedbacks. Work on the negative ones and upgrade your product. Before you know it, this year will be your own success story.

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One of the reasons your idea remains in the head or in your diary is because you don’t want to fail.

So, I’m giving you an open cheque to go and fail fast. Yes, fall and stand up immediately. Don’t fall and remain on the floor.

It is a year of greatness. Enjoy the new year.

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