5 ways parents can support their geek kids in tech

5 ways parents can support their geek kids in tech

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The story of Adesiyan Oladapo a 13 years old Nigerian programmer that has been making waves on the internet has given parents reasons to support their kids that are interested in tech.

Adesiyan Oladapo shared with StackPreneur how his parents support him when he started learning how to code. So, in this post, we point out some better ways parents can support their kids in their tech careers.


This is the most important support that geek kids need from their parents. They need to know their parents are 100% in support of what they are doing.

If parents can support their kids in tech emotionally, there won’t be a frown when he or she is with their computer. There will be full encouragement for them to explore more.

Part of emotional support is that the parents must love what the kids are doing. If they are trying to explain something, even if you don’t know, just give a sign of kudos.


This is one of the aspects that parents need to work on if they really want to support their children in tech.

Learning in every aspect of tech ranging from programming to other areas requires a lot of time. Kids can be on their laptop for hours trying to fix bugs or trying to solve a problem. It is possible they stay up late, just encourage them to do more.

Part of giving them time is to help them manage their time. Let them know when to do the home chores and their school assignment and make sure they are stick to that time.


Learning tech can consume lot of money especially if the kid is a self-taught one. They need money to buy internet data, pay for online courses, pay for web services or APIs or any other services they may need to make their solution works.

Buy them a laptop and smartphone. If you don’t have the money yet, let them make use of your laptop and smartphone. This really encourages them that you are in support of what they are doing.

Enroll them for professional training and open them to possible opportunities around the world.

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Tech can be addictive. Regular check-up must be done of kids that are tech lovers. When they wake up at night to work on their computer, parents must make sure they have time to sleep before going back to the computer again.

And if they are becoming too addicted and they don’t heed to your medical advice, you must bring a professional on board to help them in such a way they won’t lose interest.


If your tech kid creates something, be the first to share it on social media. This sends a more positive signal to the kid.

If your kid creates something that is premium, be the first buy and to use it and let others see that you are using it.

Be your child’s product first user.

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