5 things to know about Techpoint Build 2020 by Techpoint.africa

5 things to know about Techpoint Build 2020 by Techpoint.africa

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Techpoint Build is one of the biggest if not the biggest tech and entrepreneurs gathering in Africa.

The event powered by Techpoint.africa has featured in the past editions many African professionals and indsutry experts and from outside of Africa as well. The 2020 edition has been scheduled and here are some things you need to know about the Techpoint Build 2020.


Like two years ago, Techpoint Build which was formerly Techpoint Inspired was a free to attend event. The editon StackPreneur team attended two years ago was all free.

As it was done premium last edition, Techpoint Build 2020 will not be free as well. The goodnews is that, the ticket fees cut across different categories of participants. Meaning, the least ticket fee is ₦2500 ($7) which is the student badge.

The event also caputures international participants with their ticket badge starting from $200.


Techpoint build is beyond Nigeria which is also the host. Techpoint.Africa is the largest tech media agency in Africa.

Techpoint hosts Techpoint Build the largest conference and exhibition that connects the startup and SME community with all industries, bringing together people from different states across Nigeria and other neighbouring countries. Techpoint has scaled beyond Nigeria now capturing other African countries, hence the reason for transitioning from Techpoint.ng to Techpoint.Africa.


Techpoint Build this year will be spectacular as it will features different events that will ginger entrepreneurs across Africa. The event badges have their own unique features but the general feature of the event are exhibition floor, conference stages, networking, hackathon, investors tour and after-hours mixer.

It will also feature startup conference, technology conference and award dinner


Techpoint Build features discussions on running a successful business, a startup competition (Pitch Storm), exhibition for several businesses and training for SMEs. We understand that running a business in Africa can be a bit difficult, this is why we have organized the event to help businesses understand the intricacies of running one.

The 2020 edition is coming up on Friday, May 1, 2020 at Landmark Event Center, Lagos, Nigeria.

Based on the badge participants will carry, there will be a pre and post events before the day.

Thursday, April 30, 2020 will feature hackathon, investors tour and after-hours Mixer

Saturday, May 2, 2020 will feature award dinner.


Techpoint.africa does not organise event without inviting industry experts as speakers. The media giant has not presently announced the speakers which we believe they will be unvailed very soon.

One of the regular speakers in the event is Funke Opeke, CEO Main One cable who is who is one of our favourite speakers.

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