5 reasons you must sell your smartphone in 2020

5 reasons you must sell your smartphone in 2020

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Smartphone technology has been a great blessing to the 21st Century where everything happen in a click or in a touch of a screen.

But that is not the point now, but this post will tell you why you must sell  that your  precious smartphone.


Yes, smartphone has come with its own way of operation. With this device, you can connect to the rest of the world which has come with a price to pay. You must have Internet access either through broadband, mobile data or wifi technology which is not free, you pay to get them. Lets take for instance, you are using an expensive smartphone, always subscribe to monthly data, sometimes you pay or buy fuel to power the device and you are not making money in return, then sell it off. If I’m correct, that is a liability.

When your smartphone cannot care for itself and also care for your well being by using it optimally, then it does not worth it. Why will you be spending all the time and without a return, that is bad for business. If it is just call you want to be making, then go for a small non smart device, if it is movies you want to be watching, then go to the cinema. If your smart phone is not becoming smarter in your by fetching you money everyday, then let another smart guy have it by selling it out.


Smartphone can be time consuming. It is true as enterpreneur, your smart device and your computer are your online tools to connect to the rest of the world. But if all your time to brainstorm, think critically, make decisions, make calls to clients and do other productive tasks you are with your smartphone, then it is time to sell it off.

Well, this may be painful but it is a way to help you more productive in your business.


Without good health, no business. When you are becoming addicted to your smartphone, it will affect your health. Being on the Internet 24/7 chatting clients, making researches and making money is good for business but bad for business when health is fading away.

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When you don’t sleep, don’t eat well and you work always with your smartphone, you will wear out one day. So, before that happens, sell it off.


Many carry smartphone that is meant for the 20th century generation. A smartphone without a good brand or reputation with bad design. If your smartphone as an enterpreneur is not 4G enabled with good processor  and handsome storage capability and speed, then sell it off.

I have seen smart guys doing great things with their smart devices because it offer them great solutions. If you can not do a simple design, perform some of the operations you can perform on your laptop with your smartphone on the fly, then it is time to sell it off. There other smartphone brands that are affordable and  with great features, just go for that.

When your smart device is becoming a problem instead of problem solver, then you don’t need it again, rather get another device.


Let me quickly point it out before the trolls enter the comment section. Yes! the post said sell it out. In this age, smartphone is one of the tools used by productive businesses either online or offline. Being without a smartphone is very bad for business of this age, so selling off your smartphone is not the solution but use it optimally to benefit your business and still you are still strong and in good relationship with people around you. If your smartphone is not smart and with many problems, you can sell or swap or give someone else and go for a smartphone that are affordable and with great features you want.

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