7 deadly reasons you have not achieved your set goals

7 deadly reasons you have not achieved your set goals

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Plans are very easy to make and goals are superbly interesting to set. This is December, have you achieve 70% plans and goals you set for the year?

Every last month of the year, I always try to evaluate myself to see if I have actually achieved all my set goals for the year.

In this piece, I put some of the deadly reasons why I have not achieved some of my set goals for the year and I believe this can be applicable to many people as well. Here they go


To be honest with you, I had some good plans for the year. One of the plans was to be a self-taught data engineer. That was a cool decision.

So, because the decision was hot in my head then, I quickly enrol for an online course and try to get some other resources too to start learning. To burst your bubble, I’m not near the point to be called a data engineer and I’m not proud to call myself one for now.

Procrastination is a thief of time. I hope to go back to achieve this next year and I will be glad to post it here for you to read.


For you to really achieve your set goals, distraction must be out of the screen. Social Media and the internet can be a place of distraction.

Honestly, I’m an internet person and all my businesses are on the internet, hence the need to be there always. But this has caused a lot of distractions for me to achieve some of my set goals.


Ability to do so many things at the same time can be a great asset for those that can use it to their advantage. It can also be a deadly reason for why a set goal can will definitely not achieved because of bad implementation.

Quality goals need quality and timely implementation. A building on the plan don’t come out correctly if the design is bad. Trying to do many things at the same time will always result in bad implementation.

It is always recommended to have a topmost goal and face it squarely until it is achieved before going to others.

Multitasking on none relevant goals will definitely affect the real deal. So, if you will ever multitask, let it be on set genuinely goals.

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To achieve set goals, patience must be well maintained. Any startup that is expecting result so quickly will definitely fail.

Set goals may have a timeline but people seldom give up because they are not achieving it on time.

I remember I set a goal to make StackPreneur a platform for quality information and stories about African startups but because there was no quick result, that set goal has not been achieved up till now.

Impatience is deadly, patience is key.


You see, either you believe or not, what you see around either good or bad is capable of influencing your set goals.

To achieve your goals, you must maintain positive energy because that is the major drive you need to achieve positive results.

People around also influence the success or failure of set goals. If a goal is set, you will need people to execute them. If there are negative influences, there is a possibility that the goal will not be achieved.


Some set goals were not achieved because right there on the table where the goals were set is perceived failure.

If success must be achieved on a set goal, there must be an attitude that points to success.


We all dream and we all want our dreams to come true. The same way everyone sets goals and wants their goals to come to reality.

But one of the deadly reasons some goals are not achieved is because their goals are dead on arrival.

Setting goals that are not valid will make definitely results in frustration and they won’t be achieved.

So, before starting the implementation of your goals, make sure you are validating them and see the future in it.

So, as the year is running to an end, there is still room to make amend on the failed goals and start to set more realistic goals for next year.

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