You are your biggest motivation

You are your biggest motivation

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As we go through life, we all feel like giving up and throwing in the towel, life can be challenging and except you are ready for the challenges each day bring, you may never make it through. I’m not here to motivate you, but I’m here to help you motivate yourself you can push through every day. You are your own biggest motivation, nobody is going to help you get better except you, you are your own biggest inspiration.

Motivation is from the word motive -the need that requires satisfaction (Wikipedia), simply put the reason behind what you do, your actions, willingness, and goals. For every entrepreneur, there is a motive, a reason, and a need that he/she needed to solve. Before venturing out, there must be a driving force only known to you, and hence on that path to be great, what do you do when things are not going the way you thought it will go?

These are how to be motivated when facing challenges in business;

Think, Pause and Reflex

Ask yourself a vital question and of course, you can lie to anybody else except you. It could be a new habit you just developed, it could be a plan you didn’t think through, it could be a mistake or better still a right plan at the wrong time.

Ask why you started in the first place

Would you rather strive now and enjoy later or give up and forfeit your name from being written in gold?

Seek mentorship

Do not neglect the place of mentorship. There are people who are better than you and have tread the path you want to now, be humble enough to learn and seek advice.


Stop doing the same thing, the same way and expect a different result. Read, study, be open to ideas, rebrand and never stop improving. You can only get better.

Don’t give up. No!

You just can’t give up on your dreams, that big idea the world is waiting for, you are the next big thing to happen, don’t give up! If you fail, try again.

You are your only motivation, there is no greater force than the force from within. Find your strength and push forward.

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