OPay OBus strike out of Lagos indefinitely

OPay OBus strike out of Lagos indefinitely


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About three months ago, we reported that OPay launched the beta version of its bus hailing business in Lagos. The aim of the launch is to disrupt public transport in the populous city of Lagos. The OBus business has been suspended in Lagos.

The information we gathered shows that OPay has indefinitely suspended the OBus business in Lagos. According to a source, the suspension is critical as the business model is not sustainable.

Apart from the incorrect business model, the staff of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), agberos and the area boys have been frustrating the lives of the OBus drivers in Lagos according to the source.

Though ORide, the motorcycle and OTrike, the tricycle hailing businesses are still operational in Lagos. and other cities in Nigeria. These platforms powered by the OPay payment gateway including the suspended OBus have always been the talk of the town because of their innovations.

Lagos the most populous city in Nigeria daily faces dreaded traffic jams and congestion. OBus came to ease the means of transportation in the city but the model can not just stand the test of time.

Information gathered revealed that OPay may try another business model to drive the OBus business as the suspended model is not sustainable.

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