How I Hack: Akolade Olayinka, Creative Director Palletvoid

How I Hack: Akolade Olayinka, Creative Director Palletvoid

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Pallets making is one of the most interesting and beautiful features which combines wooden material to create a wonderful masterpiece. A work of dexterity, which has not been fully utilized over the years.

In this week of Meet the Eye, we have Akolade Olayinka Creative Director of Palletvoids who takes us into his world of pallet making and how it all started having discovered its uniqueness and beauty of wooden pallets.

Briefly describe how you started?

Palletvoid was born out of curiosity to explore my potentials. I’m an engineer that loves to lay his hands on something productive even during my free time. I used to be a geeky type from childhood, I have always wanted to create, design, fix, draw and research. The desire was huge back then that I would build homemade wireless remote lamps and sell them to my neighbors and classmates in junior secondary school then. So I finally make up my mind to put out a brand that best fits my personality.

What do you do in your startup/company?

Palletvoid Products is produced on the latest and most sophisticated imported wooden pallet by a team of the dedicated workforce to create quintessential masterpieces for modern, rustic, chic and unique people. Our offering span: interior and exterior furniture, lighting, home accessories, decorative objects, tabletop collection, bedding, kitchen accessories, pillow and more. PRODUCT FEATURES: -Durability, Long-Life Cycle, Exceptional Design, Anti-Bacterial (Heat Treated), 98% Wood Pallet.

Our Products are best served at home, office, school, restaurant, bar, club, hotel, recreation center and lot more.

How do you hack your workday to maximum performance?

I wake up early, make daily a to-do-list. I focus on one thing at a time thereby doing the hardest tasks first.

How do you learn new things?

My school of thought. I love meditating when I am all alone preferably night period. I pay attention to my environment, I’m a pen lover. Every pen has its own thought that speaks to me. I love to write down, I do a lot of research online (part of my hobbies though). Spend time practicing things I have never done before learning a new thing by reading about great inventors, also I find it beneficial by teaching others what I learned, challenge myself by putting up new challenges to provide solutions to and finally, I take a frequent break. The brain has two modes—focused and diffused. For learning to happen, both modes are equally important.

What task(s) do you dislike but you don’t have a choice than to do them?

Pallet disassemble. It’s highly stressful especially when you have piles of pallets to work on.

What is your favorite shortcut at work?

Arranging tools and materials in order of their relevance and usage gets the job done faster.

What tools do you use every day to remain productive?

I use the calendar app to book time for the task on my to-do-list, also, Whenever I discover that I have a piece of product people are interested in, I try to figure out how I can clone that preexisting products attributes to create similar but more unique products. I also use apps like chromes product ads maker, Snap seed, and lot more. I use the internet often and working at times, I am best productive.

What problem(s) are you still trying to solve and still no solution yet?

Space expansion

What are you currently reading, watching or learning?

How to draw using resin

What is the best advice you ever received?

Someone once told me never to give up on my dream and aspiration no what comes my way and he said and I quote: “I trust your instincts”.

Who will you like to answer these questions

Banji Shifu, Media production Manager Shifu Multimedia

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