6 attitudes to scale and build good reputation in online business

6 attitudes to scale and build good reputation in online business

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When talking about online business, there is no doubt about it that it is the gold rush mode of doing business conveniently with less cost of setting up to marketing and to reaching desired customers. Using online tools and social media, any business can achieve desired results.

But alas, many online business owners treat their customers and clients like shit which they cannot do if they are to see face to face. The following are what you should try to work on if you really want to succeed in your online business

Treat your customers as humans

Many online business owners assumed the person they are dealing with on the other side is not a human maybe they think they are a robot that has no feelings. Your online business will only thrive if you only accept the fact that the people you are dealing with are human beings and they have their choices and say. I have dealt with many online business owners and the results have been discouraging. Engaging in lots of lies, non-charlatan attitudes, money money money. These are what some people do online to kill online business.

Instant response to requests

Like the case of offline business, you must always be at your business stand to attend to your customers. The same way you should do with your online business. No client will wait for an instant message that is not instantly answered by the business owner. Not that instant response is only good but it is a better way of giving your business confidence to be dealt with. I will always patronize a business I send chat to and immediately reply.

Your reputation is very important

You see, many business owners do what they like on the internet. Sending broadcast with your brand name and at the end of the day, you disappoint a client. The problem there is not a disappointment but your brand. Don’t forget, the internet is a community and it is always linked together. A client can lead to another and your brand reputation is at stake.

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Avoid the mindset of getting rich quick

Of course, you can make a solid living in the online business if you know what you are doing. The online business assures good return but never admit to being a billionaire overnight. It takes dedication, commitment, passion, and all seriousness to make it online. Many started an online business but couldn’t go far because of this getting rich quick mindset.

See the Internet as a market

Like the traditional market, if you don’t display your product, put out a signpost or banners, print handbills, word of mouth etc, your customers will not come. The same way the internet, if you don’t advertise your product or service, you consume them yourself. The Internet is a market of people not in the same location, so use the same internet to locate them. Use social media, advertisement agencies etc to get your products and services across to your clients.

Integrity is gold

In the traditional market, clients see what they are buying or know where your office is located but in the case of online business, your integrity wins customers. When you say yes, let the customer from the other side know it and accept it confidently as yes. One thing that spoils online business fast is the business owner without integrity.

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