2 hack you should know in your startup journey

2 hack you should know in your startup journey

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Starting up a business of any kind is a journey and of course it worth paying the dues. In a world where only ideas that proffer solutions to human problem is what matters most, then, one must take cognizance of some virtues that will keep one aloft every challenge that might come up in the journey.

Idea they said, rules the world, I concur, but it is not only an idea that is needed to make an excellent edge way in starting up a business. It also has to be garnished with other items. In this write-up, you will find out the other spices that are essential for excelling in your entrepreneurship journey.


Any idea or innovation that you are not deeply committed to will not see the light of the day. People who had made a great impact and built business empires for themselves in this world are people who are so committed to their idea. Such people are always consumed with their ideas. Meet them for just 5 minutes, before you know it they’d already introducing you to that idea they’ve got. They are always glued to actions that revolve around their idea.

Great men like Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and others are so committed to that which they believe in. Yours can’t be an exception! You must be committed to your ideas.

Another reason why you need commitment to make a reasonable landmark in your start-up is that people (potential investors) will only key into your idea when they see genuineness and a high level of seriousness in you. Many start-upper had gone into extinction because of lack of commitment. Commitment to your course or idea will help you give all it takes to be the best in whatever thing you’re doing. It will aid self-education, self-development and this will yield a positive result.

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Another striking ingredient to your way to the entrepreneurial breakthrough is discipline. No one goes far in life without discipline. As a matter of fact, it takes discipline to be committed to one’s idea. Without discipline about one’s idea, you go nowhere!

You must be discipline about your time (it is crucial). You must be discipline about your movement, you don’t just move around when you have ideas to grow. Your finances is not excluded, will you spend all you have gotten because you’re are sure your idea is going to boom? no!

It must be an habit you must imbibe in on a daily basis, with this in your mind, you’re going to have a smooth headway to the top.

Be committed and be discipline!

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