UberBoat, Uber boat taxi service starts operation in Lagos

UberBoat, Uber boat taxi service starts operation in Lagos

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Uber, the ride-hailing company announced plans to launch UberBoat four months back. Uber has now announced testing of UberBoat a boat taxi service in Lagos, Nigeria.

The testing phase which started in Lagos on Friday as Bloomberg reported that it is a partnership with Texas Connection Ferries, a Lagos-based ferry transportation service, and the Lagos State Waterways Authority.

During the two-week-long testing phase, UberBOAT will be available from 8:00AM to 5:00PM during the weekdays and will cost ₦500 per trip in Lagos waterways.

Tayo Oyegunle, Uber Nigeria’s country manager also adds that the boat will be available four times during the day from the Ikorodu Ferry Terminal on the mainland and Five Cowries Terminal on the Island, according to TechCabal.

We reported four months ago about the launch of GBoat by the bike-hailing company Gokada.

UberBoat has come to play in that market as Lagos is Nigeria’s most populous state.

The congestion and traffic issues in the state gave birth to many innovations like bike-haling, ride-hailing, bus-haling and now boat taxi services.

The UberBOAT launch is coming barely a month after Uber reportedly confirmed plans to also launch a bus transportation service for Lagos as reported by Techpoint

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