5 important things serious entrepreneurs must do before the end of year

5 important things serious entrepreneurs must do before the end of year


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The year is running to an end, of course anything can still happen. It is not end of business yet. In this post, I write 5 important things serious entrepreneurs must do before the end of year.


As an entrepreneur, one of the critical aspect of of your business is giving an account of stewardship. Yes, it is true it is a one man business, in fact it is a small business but very important an account must be given.

During the year, sales have been made, purchases were evident, spending are everyday event. So, an account of all these must be prepared. It must be analysed if possible give professionals.

Budget of the business from January to December must be reviewed and check how it was spent. A clear financial record for the year must be prepared and criticized and must be well documented for future reference.


Apart from financial accounting, plans of the business or company must be reviewed. It is a norm in the beginning of the year that individuals, businesses and big companies make resolution. This resolution contains what they must or want to achieve during the year. Some even go as far as putting time frame on some specific projects.

So, this is not just for fun. As the year is running to an end, it is very important all these resolutions are reviewed. How many have been accomplished, how many pending and how many projects have not been done yet.

It is time to ask questions why those that have not been done are not done. Why those that are pending are still pending. Are those that have been implemented successful or failed. Why did the ones that failed, failed and why was the ones that succeeded succeeded. These are the questions that must be asked by a serious entrepreneur.


The year still have a long way to go, though short. Looking at your review of the year, there are still some little things pending that have not been achieved that can be accomplished before the year runs out. So, quickly make a short plan for those ones and execute them very fast.

And secondly, it is time to plan for next year. A serious entrepreneur don’t wait till January 1 before making plans, this is the best time to make your plans.

Part of your plans for next year must be to apply for as many grants as possible. I have this as part of my own personal plan for next year. The Tony Elumelu Foundation grant will be opened January 1 and many other grants platform will be opened as well, so plan that with your plan.


This is very important. Skills make entrepreneurs bright. With the right skillset, you can make sound decisions about your business. Apart from that, it will help you to minimize some unnecessary cost. It is true as an entrepreneur, you must not do everything yourself but there aree some stuff you can easily do yourself even with your smartphone without paying anybody. So, those simple skills, try to acquire them.


Yes! You are alive and that is why you are looking towards another year with big plans. So, as part of serious things to be done by serious entrepreneurs before the year runs out is to give yourself lot of relaxation and enjoyment. You have married to your computer, machine or business since the beginning of the year, it is time to relax yourself and take some break. As for me, I will be visiting my village and enjoy some birds music, take some local food and go see some natures.

Yes! You need to celebrate yourself, success and even failures of the year. Pop some champagne, celebrate and appreciate your team and in fact, appreciate your clients.

These are very important for you as a serious entrepreneur to achieve before this year runs out.

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