Nigeria’s Tech incubator CCHUB acquires Kenya’s iHub

Nigeria’s Tech incubator CCHUB acquires Kenya’s iHub

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The tech incubator in Nigeria, CCHUB has acquired another giant tech incubation hub, iHub of Nairobi Kenya. In an undisclosed arrangement, the CEO of CCHUB, Bosun Tijani made the announcement of the acquisition.

Considering the fact that iHub is a big brand in Kenya, the name will remain. This emerged when there was a discussion on how the two big brands are going to operate together. As CCHUB acquires iHub, how will they operate? The CEO said, the name iHub will remain but will be driven by CCHUB to achieve the vision of the company.

The programs of iHub will remain while other programs of CCHUB in the area of health, education and governance will be integrated into iHub.

With the acquisition arrangement, Tijani Bosun becomes the CEO of both tech hubs while the former CEO of iHub Nekesa Were will remain iHub managing director.

Finding out the more about the acquisition, Bosun Tijani said “It will strengthen our ability to support innovation. iHub and CcHub…coming together makes us stronger; it gives us a chance to attract greater resources and talent”

This opportunity will also help the company to spread to other African countries like Rwanda.

There will be a change in the structure of the CCHUB Yaba, Lagos Nigeria as the CEO said the company will finance a 10 storey building from its real estate business to replace its Lagos hub building.

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