Andela’s end of DO program to affect its 470 junior engineers

Andela’s end of DO program to affect its 470 junior engineers

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In a bid to restructure and re-strategize the company’s goal, Andela ends the DO program.

Through the Andela’s insight titled, the Future of Andela, the company announced the end of the DO program in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda.

The insight part reads:

As part of this shift, we have also had to make an extremely difficult decision as it relates to a number of talented junior engineers. Today, we are announcing that we are closing the D0 program in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. Moving forward, we will be focusing on D0 training efforts on our pan-African hub in Rwanda. In addition, we will be letting go of approximately 250 Andelans in Nigeria and Uganda, with an additional 170 potentially impacted in Kenya, who we don’t believe will be able to find meaningful work for over the next year. 

Andela will be giving holistic support to the 470 Junior Engineers that will be affected by this shift in the company’s direction.

The well-being of our employees, both past and present, is our immediate priority. We are providing holistic support programs for those who are affected by this shift, including ongoing access to learning programs and job placement services. We have committed a range of financial and emotional resources to former employees, and those who are leaving will continue to have access to the strongest engineering network on the African continent. Once an Andelan, always an Andelan. 

In addition, we’ve partnered with innovation hubs in each country (CcHUB in Nigeria, iHub in Kenya, and Innovation Village in Uganda) to help connect the impacted developers with opportunities in their local ecosystem. Together, we have identified over 60 companies who are looking to hire top quality junior engineering talent. In addition, these hubs will offer impacted engineers the opportunity to use their co-working spaces free of charge for the next three months. 

In order to keep up with demand from Andela’s partners, the company will be hiring another 700 experienced engineers.

Ending the insight by the CEO and Co-founder of Andela, Jeremy Johnson, he wrote:

No story of growth is perfectly smooth, and these last few weeks have been amongst the hardest. Yet despite this, I’m confident that we’ll emerge stronger and more connected both to the market we serve and to the mission we are working to advance. And I look forward to trying to hire back many of these extraordinary engineers down the road – if you don’t get there first. 

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