OPay launches tricycle hailing startup OTrike in Aba

OPay launches tricycle hailing startup OTrike in Aba

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After the introduction of its first hailing service, ORide, the Opera Software founded Opay launches OTrike in Aba.

OTrike is a tricycle (Keke NAPEP) haling service starting from Aba City in south eastern Nigeria.

With the diversity of products and services such as OFood, ORide, OPay is expanding across the nation, Nigeria.

Started as a payment processing startup providing financial services to the unbanked and payment gateway to other companies and SMEs, the company has invested alot of money into other sectors.

OTrike which recently launched in Aba will give access to users to go anywhere in Aba at a discount rate of N20 per trip. This strategy of discount and smartphone giving has been part of the OPay strategy to spread across the country. This strategy was used in Lagos and Ibadan to introduce the ORide to their users.

The innovative and disruptive strategies of OPay can be linked to its recent $50M investment received by the financial services startup, OPay.

In this progression, it is evident OTrike will expand to other states in the country and other innovation in the transport sectors would be experienced from OPay in the future.

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