OPay launches ‘OBus’ to disrupt public bus transport sector in Lagos

OPay launches ‘OBus’ to disrupt public bus transport sector in Lagos

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On the update of its mobile apps, the Opera backed OPay after the launch of OTrike in Aba has launched OBus. OBus is to disrupt public bus transport sector in Lagos.

The updated mobile app of OPay shows the OBus service is in beta stage. This means it only operates along the CMS-Ikeja routes in Lagos.

The OBus feature is only available on the updated version of the Opay app. If you can’t see the OBus, go to playstore and update your app.

Updated version of OPay

Techpoint chat with Opay staff revealed what the company is up to with the OBus:

“OBus is like normal buses but it is more comfortable and supports cashless payments,” an OPay staff told Techpoint during an online chat.
OBus trip fare payments are made using an OBus Card. It is a QR-enabled card that comes in different denominations — as low as ₦200 ($0.55) and as high as ₦2000 ($5.51). Cards are purchased from OPay agents at different designated bus stops.

To make payments, cards are placed over a sensor reader inside the bus. The sensor then reads the ticket barcode which was generated through the mobile app and withdrawal will be made immediately.

An OBus Card can be used for multiple trips until the credit is exhausted. Alternatively, payments can also be made through the OPay wallet, as with other OPay services.

TechPoint chat with OPay staff

I believe one of the goals of OPay is to dominate the payment market and also disrupt the transportation sector.

Gokada is one of the strongest competitor of Opay but presently, Gokada is shutdown to undergo rewire.

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