5 reasons why entrepreneurs work at night

5 reasons why entrepreneurs work at night

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Successful entrepreneurs have a critical aspect of their lives that harbour their top secrets. Everyone has 24hrs every day but not everyone uses the whole day to their gain. Making a day count gracefully is always one of the top goals of successful people every day.

In this article are five reasons why night is one of the secrets of successful entrepreneurs and these are the major reasons why entrepreneurs work at night.

Yusuf Adewale, CEO techpoint.africa

That is the founder of techpoint.africa working late at night in the office. The fast-rising entrepreneur who doubles as the CEO of one of the biggest media platform in Africa, works overnight. After a busy day at work, attending to many calls, meetings, team and even family, he never jokes with the night shift.

Chidi, Co-Founder/CEO Publiseer

Chidi Nwaogu is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder/CEO of Publiseer shared the only thing that knows his secret of success. He wrote:

I do my best thinking at night when everyone else is sleeping. No interruptions. No noise. I like the feeling of being awake when no one else is. 3:00AM knows all my secrets.

Chidi Nwaogu

No Interruptions

The night is the most productive time for entrepreneurs to do the major works. No matter how a serene an office environment may be setup, the interruptions from calls, emails and even colleagues is enough to disrupt the day.

To avoid interruptions, successful entrepreneurs shift all critical and major works to the late night where no one cares who is sleeping or not.

It births creativity and innovations

The night is best for brainstorming on creative ideas. Entrepreneurs that work at night don’t lack ideas. The reason is that they use the night to ruminate on all that happened in the day hence creatively provide solutions to the problems. This is how they come up with unique ideas.

The time is there

Working from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM, for example, is a whole lot of time for an entrepreneur to do a whole lot of stuff. 4hrs without interruption is not possible in a day for an entrepreneur that is why night is a crucial part of the day.

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To plan the day

The day is for activities and nothing more. Entrepreneurs plan the day at night and map out how the day is going to look like.

The night is mostly used to write plans, proposals, rehearse meetings or speech delivery and so on.

The best time to learn

Reading, learning new things cannot be achieved in a time like the day. There are many activities that will not allow reading. Many distractions that disrupt the creative activities of the mind occur during the day.

Therefore, entrepreneurs use the night to read quality books and learn new concept about their businesses.

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