Why you need testimonials in your business

Why you need testimonials in your business

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Testimonials bring what Best selling author, Brian Tracy calls “mega credibility”. It can be better understood in the other name coined by Robert Cialdini; ‘SOCIAL PROOF’.

Satisfied Customer – great source of testimonial

Why do you need testimonials?

Because people generally buy goods or services based on bias more than a thinking through. They first want to buy because of sentiments and then try to balance it with logic. For example, the last time you bought something, why did you buy it? Reasons may be, you felt you’d look more beautiful or be more satisfied, or you felt you wanted to have same or something similar to what someone you once admired had. The reasons continue.

“If it is good with them(testimonial), it should be with me.

Have you noticed that you would more often time than not readily buy a product or service if someone like you or someone you respect bought the same?
You would think, “it must be a good idea for me too”. Now, before your potential customer buys your idea in your product or service, he/she wants to reduce risks that come with the purchase and knowing that many people in same situation have patronized and are satisfied serves as a catalyst to his buying decision.

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People just need to make a decision about buying from you. Help them with testimonials.

People will be more convinced to patronize you when you can show two, three and more social proof. It remains the fastest way to build credibility – besides word-of-mouth tellings by your customers -among skeptical prospects and actually get them to patronize you. People buy stories, not just your product or service because they identify with stories and testimonials are great stories!

People’s testimonials are great at giving mega-credibility

As an entrepreneur just starting out, getting testimonials from your first clients/customers will hasten your success pace. If you are already actively doing your business and can’t get in touch with your first customers/clients, you can still get from recent ones and be sure to thoroughly satisfy them.

What are the ways you can get testimonials?
Innumerable are the ways but I have highlighted three in this article:


You can ask satisfied customers who like you to write a testimonial letter where they hit the nail on the head, tell of how satisfied they were and how their concerns vanished into thin air. It goes a long way if one or more are from respected people or companies.


You can also make lists of satisfied customers if they are okay with it and such listing especially as they grow, fortify your argument and convince more prospective customers or clients.


Visuals communicate faster. Pictures live on in people’s hearts and as it’s said, “A picture is more than a thousand words”. Today, we can also get short videos illustrating the satisfaction. This is especially useful in online marketing.
The more your prospects identify with satisfied customers, the more they want to be like them.

You need testimonials if you must succeed as an entrepreneur, and more effectively. Stories convince people much more and you’d better be a businessman of integrity because no one testifies of/markets your business more for you than customers who you did not disappoint after they trusted you with their satisfaction. You just sit back and watch your sales and service provision triple!

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