Beyond coding, other things needed by Tech Startup

Beyond coding, other things needed by Tech Startup

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In a tech startup, coding has always been the driving force. The software has to be ready and well coded. The tech team have all the eyes in the startup stage and everyone want to test the app.

This is good but focusing only on the code can drag the startup back drastically. Many tech startups have failed because of this factor. The following are major other areas to be focused on by a tech startup apart from the code.


Tech Startups often forget people that will still work in the company apart from the tech guys. They solely focus on the software and focus on the code. Software development can be done but to get the job done, other teams should be well focused on. No matter how beautiful a software design is, people still drive it to success.


Apart from the beauty of a code block and the UI/UX, the software will not display itself to the potential to the target market. Even if the startup is in the marketing niche, marketing is still needed to get it across to the market. So, instead of tech startups to focus on the code alone, the marketing of the software is very important.

Many tech startups have raised a lot of grants or equity fund but they have failed to spend the fund majorly scaling software or wooing tech geeks forgetting marking. This is how successful tech startups spend their raised funds, they invest in marketing and human resources.


Software development process can be distracting and time consuming while customer service may be neglected which will backfire on the company.

Apart from the development process, how will the customers understand all the jargon if no customer service to put them through? In a tech startup set for success, customer service should launch with the product. It should not be assumed that all the target market will understand the UI navigation, they need to be put through.


Codes can be very funny at times. A successful working code today may act funny tomorrow morning. So, maintenance services should well put in place. Apart from the code, what about the facilities like servers, security, scaling etc? Scaling a tech product can be hellish and can collapse a tech product of not managed well. Imagine a server from the launch that is capable of accepting 1000 users suddenly skyrocket to 10000 users. So, maintenance is key.


A tech business is where you achieve more with less fund. That is very true. Notwithstanding, consistent funding of the startup is very germane scaling the business. Acquiring more servers, skills, resources in the IT field is costly.


Lastly, coding coding coding all the time in a tech startup is no more the way. There should be a company culture that takes cares of team members.

There should be a company culture that offer staff HMO, leave, insurance, gratuity and other benefits. And also, very important, a company culture that celebrate success and encourage team members.

With these, a tech startup looks like a real company ready for business, this is a tech startup success.

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