5 types of customers entrepreneurs must avoid

5 types of customers entrepreneurs must avoid

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Entrepreneurs all over the world big or small all on the gun for customers. To keep the cash flowing, customers must be revolving round the business. That is why the popular saying “customer is the king” still stands.

But alas, time is more precious to businesses than customers. As a business owner or individual, your greatest asset is your time. So, as you continue your entrepreneurship journey, try to avoid these types of customers if you want to remain productive.

The Time Wasters

Many prospective customers deliberately waste entrepreneurs businesses time. No doubt about it, they may really not mean harm but they will want to waste all the time needed by the entrepreneur to attend to other customers.

After wasting much time, ask unnecessary questions, they may still end up not patronizing the business hence the business may loose important and ready for business customers.

The Professors

In academics, a professor is meant to be the highest level of academics. So, it assumed they know lot of stuff relating to their field.

Now, a customer chatting with a business asking a particular question and also answer the question should be highly avoided. They are the “I too know type”. This type of people waste lot of businesses time and always frustrate customer care representatives.

They chat or call so long that they start to say nonsense. All businesses and entrepreneurs must seriously avoid this type of customers.

The Bossy Customers

This type of customers becomes bossy even over the boss of the business. They tends to frustrate team members requesting for the attention of the CEO or the Senior Manager to attend to them.

This type of customer is not satisfied with anything the team does or services rendered. They always complain and will always have hundreds of corrections in the already corrected errors. In fact, after wasting all your time, they will still ask you to revert back to the first supposed mistake they asked you to correct. This is terrible for businesses. Avoid them like plague.

The Frustrated Entrepreneurs

I don’t see the reasons why this should be in the entrepreneurship sphere but alas, it is very rampant. Entrepreneurs in the same kind of business with your business may tend to frustrate your team if you can’t quickly identify them.

They want to ask questions relating to your mode of business. They may even pretend to give you services but you will always hear from them “we do it 10k here” or “hoo no.. It is 10k you must do it”. I always try to avoid this type of people because they drain businesses psychologically. Of course, there is no crime in partnership or asking questions that may benefit your business but draining other business is a bad idea.

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Indecisive Customers

Some customers believe you have all the time to attend to only them. The indecisive customers don’t even know why they are calling or chatting you in the first place. Imagine after gone through your website that has the details of your products or services, they will still ask what do you do. That is suck.

After you take your time to explain to them even when you know they have already gone through your website, they will reply rudely with “not you”. Avoid this type of customer.

The Non Communicating Customers

This too is a terrible one. They will be the first to call or chat you and after you try to respond, they are no where to be found. You will begin to call or chat them but they will never respond. This is time consuming. Even by the time they will respond, especially on chat, they may reply with “k”. This is very irritating to me. So, I don’t even waste my precious time on this type of customer. I quit them immediately.

This is not for every prospective customers, just try to identify the ones above so your business can remain productive always.

Do you know any other customer that need to be added to the list from experience, you can share in the comment box.

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