5 transport companies revolutionizing road transportation in Africa

5 transport companies revolutionizing road transportation in Africa

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Technology has played a major role in revolutionizing businesses across all sector of the economy. Not only in Africa but throughout the whole world. Businesses scale, make more profits, gain more customers leveraging on technology. These are regarded as one of the best transport companies in Nigeria.


Formerly known as God is Good Motors before it was rebranded into GIGM is known for innovation. The company was rebranded from scratch with a lot of innovations integrated into it.

The ticket booking system on the company’s website and app is a top notch one that enables customers to book for a seat. The booking is being tracked in real time and synchronized with the driver in the direction of the customer or through a terminal.

The company also announced a feature for renting vehicle. Though this is not new in the transportation industry but the innovation behind that of GIGM is technology. Vehicle can be rented in real time and tracked at the same time based on usage.

GIGM also have a tracking system for checking booking status. This has allowed customers to track their seating, booking and location of the vehicle their are to board.


ABC Transport Plc commenced operation in road passenger transportation on February 13, 1993 as an off-shoot of Rapido Ventures with a view to running a modern road transportation system in Nigeria.

As technology advances, the company revolutionized with it. The company’s Android and iOS app is a top notch. ABC Transport App will helps customers buy tickets more easily, quickly and securely whenever they want and from where ever they are.

With a wide range of services such as Executive Express, Shuttle Services, City Transit Inn etc. ABC Transport made these services available to customers on a push of button.


GUO Transport founded in 1980 is a division of G. U. Okeke & Sons Ltd. A household name in the transportation industry and one of the largest provider of intercity and interstate transportation, serving more than 200 destinations across Nigeria and West Africa with a modern, environmentally friendly fleet.

Despite an aged transport company, the company has drastically leveraged on technology.

With the company’s Android and iOS app, booking has been made easy. WIth different payment options, GUO transport has leveraged on various fintech platforms.


Chisco with over 500 fleet capacity, warehousing, transportation, distribution networks and operational efficiency of over 35 years, we are visible across Nigeria and the West Coast of Africa, and boast of an unrivalled understanding of our environmental conditions and priorities to deliver tailor-made and industry best solutions.

With the Chisco website, customers can make online booking and manage their ticket in real time. This has been a major tech leverage Chisco has invested in.

Also, with the Chisco charter service, it is easy for customers to charter a vehicle in real time.


Cross Country Limited is a First Class Transportation and Logistics Company Operating in Nigeria and the ECOWAS sub-region. It is a one-stop logistics shop company that runs comprehensive land Transportation, Haulage and Courier Services for Corporate Organizations and individuals at highly competitive prices. It also provides quality and prompt bus rental services across the country at affordable prices whilst making sure that our customers enjoy real value for their money.

Cross Country leverage on technology by outsourcing its ticketing system to another company. That is part of innovation businesses should also learn from. In Nigeria and Africa, all tech implementation is still done in-house some companies. Outsourcing should be leveraged as well.

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