5 Strongest Platforms Entrepreneurs Can Receive Payment from Foreign Customers

5 Strongest Platforms Entrepreneurs Can Receive Payment from Foreign Customers

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Fintech in Nigeria has come to bridge the gap of payments in Nigeria. The issue of foreign payment platforms not accepting Nigerians is a thing of the past. Here are 5 strongest platforms entrepreneurs can receive payment from foreign customers


Paystack has in the recent time has proved to be at the fore front of payment in Nigeria. The fintech startup provides access for businesses to receive payment through various medium. It is also an international payment gateway in Nigeria.

There is a feature on Paystack that allows businesses to receive payment from international customers. To be eligible for this feature, the business must have registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Apart from that, there is another verification they put in place and Corporate Account is required.


Flutterwave is another strong Fintech platform that enables entrepreneurs to receive payment in Nigeria from their foreign customers. The Rave feature on Flutterwave allows merchants and businesses to accept payments globally, currently, payments can be accepted in the following currencies USD, EUR, GBP, UGX, TZS


Payu, a fintech division of Naspers provides online payment services. A Nigeria licenced fintech company allows entrepreneurs send and receive payment globally.

After necessary validation, merchants receive the money in their virtual PayU account, which you can be transferred to bank account anytime. Facebook Ads is popularly known for using Payu.


Voguepay is one of the oldest and the strongest fintech platforms in Nigeria. VoguePay’s global coverage allows consumers and businesses to safely make and receive payments in all major currencies, regardless of location.

With Voguepay’s Business account, entrepreneurs have access to receive payment from foreign customers. Of course, verification is necessary to perform foreign transactions.

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SimplePay Offer more payment types and options to entrepreneurs in multiple currencies with a global single-view platform.

SimplePay also allows customers to make fast and secure payments reducing dropped carts and increasing total revenues. It ensures that every customer can pay in their preferred method without alleviating the compliance and processing burden on entrepreneurs businesses.

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