Otedola Geregu Power Plant Website Crashed in 24Hrs

Otedola Geregu Power Plant Website Crashed in  24Hrs

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Mr. Femi Otedola the Nigeria Billionaire and former owner of Forte Oil who recently sold all his shares in the fuel business to focus on his Power Generation Business, Geregu Power Plant. Otedola Geregu Power Plant website crashed in 24hrs because it has been in the news.

Within 24hrs of this breaking from Otedola, the new venture though incorporated 2006 seems to be gathering lot of attention. The website attracted lot of traffics that exceeded the bandwidth.

Our attention was drawn to the website early this morning with the 509 Bandwidth Exceeded Error

Error on Otedola Geregu Website

This simply means, within the announcement of Mr. Otedola exiting the oil business and transitioning to the power sector, the news was everywhere. People want to learn about the company Geregu Power Plant.

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People believe the only place they can get genuine information aside from the mouth of the billionaire business man is the company website.

We believe this is a paradigm shift for the businessman to make more money as power is a big problem in Nigeria.

We wish Mr. Otedola success in his new adventure.

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