10 Businesses Entrepreneurs Can Do This Summer

10 Businesses Entrepreneurs Can Do This Summer

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The summer for secondary and primary schools is coming soon. The holiday is always a long one and schools engage their students different programs that can benefit them. In the post is 10 businesses entrepreneurs can do this summer that engage students in the things that are not in the school curricular.


This is first on the list because it is rare to see children driving. Because of the age limitation or regulation of driving, children are restricted to driving. But that does not mean they can not learn driving during their summer programs. So, if you have a driving school or have a car and you are licensed to teach driving, then this is your best bet this summer.


Information Technology is fast evolving and there is need to engage children. Not that it is necessary but it is very important because that is the present and the future. Private schools value this skill so much that they consult experts in IT to take their children during summer. Despite this, there is still huge need for experts to take over some other schools. So, if you have coding skill and you are willing to pass across knowledge, then get started now as summer is near. Engage the students in visually integrated plan because children love something visual.


Fashion is part of our culture, and it’s more than just a pretty dress. Children love fashion and they love to make one themselves. So, if you know fashion and you can teach children to understand, get up, summer is near.

Children will love to make their own school uniforms for the next session, so go and teach them to do so.


Every child will one day be alone or become a mother or a food entrepreneur. So, this summer is the best opportunity to teach them. Children need cooking skill to keep them going. This they will love to engage themselves. So, if you are a food ninja, this is the time to teach children the act of cooking, it is a summer business idea.


This is one of the untapped skill that children will love to learn. When something strange like a robot talking or something performing some strange tasks, children show maximum interest. So, if you understand some robotic technology, private schools will like to talk to you to teach their children. So, what are you waiting for, package your proposal and submit to them.


Public speaking can be a hobby translated into business. The point that this can be a personal development skill, public speaking requires being bold and being composed and children love this. So, if you are public speaker and you can teach this, then the summer will be an added avenue to earn more cash. Children will like to see someone that motivates and speak big grammars that will cause them to murmur and run to their dictionary.


This is not limited to the future career of the child. Writing is general and blogging for passion can also earn a child a small penny. Taking writing/blogging to children this summer will be so interesting. So, are you a passionate writer or blogger and you want to earn extra cash this summer, then get to work, it is a summer business idea.


A picture is more than a thousand words. Photography is an art that children love so much. Handling camera, making the first shot give them a beautiful smile. Schools even encourage participation in photography and this is an added advantage for you to make more money this summer.


If you know a bit of Corel Draw, Photoshop or you have an aesthetic touch on drawing, painting and colours, you can make cool cash this summer. Children are naturally attracted to graphics, pictures and colours. So, if you have these skills, summer is around the corner, get to work now.


Well, this is a beautiful thing children may want to engage in outside the school curricular. Making shoes, bags and other related items is very lucrative. If you into this field, this is the time to introduce it to the children as they approach summer.

This list is not limited to the 10 businesses entrepreneurs can do this summer, you can think more about what you can offer. Prepare your proposal and hit that school. Not only one school, get to as many as possible.

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