Paystack launches Fintech Podcast platform

Paystack launches Fintech Podcast platform

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Fintech Startup, Paystack launches Fintech Podcast platform named Decode Fintech Podcast.

The Decode Fintech Podcast is an audio show where the people building Africa’s financial infrastructure share what they’re seeing on the frontlines — what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next. In each episode, an operator breaks down the ground truth of how they’re handling everything from product development to marketing in some of the world’s fastest-changing business environments.

Khadija Abu, Paystack Lead Product in a Decode Fintech Podcast thriller explained that the Decode Fintech Podcast will enable Paystack to share what they are learning from people building payments infrastructure in Africa in a video, audio and newsletter.

Decode Fintech Podcast is available in all Podcast platform ranging from Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and others.

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