Meet CEO, TheParo Paints Tessy Ndum, a female enterpreneur making paints with passion

Meet CEO, TheParo Paints Tessy Ndum, a female enterpreneur making paints with passion

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  • The world is changing as most businesses are experiencing a rise in the female gender participation. In this interview, Tessy Ndum, would be telling us about paint production and her motivation for getting into this business line.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): Good morning and welcome to StackPreneur Media.

Tessy Ndum: Morning and thank you very much, I am pleased to be here.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): As a female entrepreneur, what motivates you and how did you get the gut to start a business?

Tessy Ndum: Well, in a society full of challenges, I see that as an opportunity for me. The decision of starting was not an easy one but trust me if you have a solution to a problem you will be the happiest person. Being a female Entrepreneur, especially in my line of business comes with a lot of challenges.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): ok

Tessy Ndum: I am always motivated whenever I remember that I need to be successful in whatever I do, that keeps me going no matter how hard it seems.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): This is huge! Now, let’s talk about TheParo Paints. I was actually amazed when I was briefed about what you do as a business. Why did you start paints production, how did you start and why the name TheParo paints?

Tessy Ndum: Well it’s funny but I am going to give you a little tip about my beginning.
In 2016 I was mobilized for National Youth Service Corps, I told myself I was going to learn a new skill in camp different from what I already know.

When the NYSC skills acquisition started, I was looking for where to fit in, trust me I walked around the entire programs but didn’t find anything, the only thing I would have really enjoyed doing would have been in the ICT section but I noticed I already knew most of what they were teaching. My aim was to master whatever I learn there and grow it, the next day I found the paint manufacturers, I went close and realized it was a group made of men only, I smiled and told myself I belong here.

Tessy teaching

I started the training with them and paid 100% attention, I was really interested in knowing more about paint manufacturing, after the training in camp I collected the facilitators’ number and we kept in touch.

During my service year I did marketing for him, paid him more money to learn more, and during that period I started developing my business plan which perhaps got me to where I am today.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): wow

Tessy Ndum: How I started! My starting was really a small beginning, I started producing paint from home whenever I have a demand I make sure I give in the best quality even when everything was manually done, or done manually.
I could not afford any of the mixers then.

Then about Theparo Paints, also know that “Theparo Paints” is the brand name while the company’s name is Theparo Enterprise. I chose this name for its uniqueness. Another little secret is that I got the name from my name and my two younger brothers.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): Well, we will get to that.
Now, tell us about TheParo Paints. What do you do and how do you operate?

Tessy Ndum: Theparo Enterprise is a paint production company, ” where quality is our priority”. We are into manufacturing of quality paint for domestic and industrial uses, we produce all types of Paints ranging from Emulsion, Text coat, Silk, Satin, Matt, Gloss, Auto base paint etc.


There are other special products you may like to know about our company, we produce insect repellent paints, anti mole paint, washable paints and Mable effect.

Our main office is located at Unit 26 Technology Incubation Center, Off Harbour/EPZ road Calabar Cross River State, where we also have our factory.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): Interesting. Now, who is this great lady behind TheParo Paints? We know you have a team but we want to know about you, your philosophy of life.

Tessy Ndum: My name is Theresa Ndum the founder/Owner of Theparo Enterprise, a graduate of computer science, I am from Cross River State, Etung LGA.

Tessy Ndum

My life’s philosophy is, “Everything is achievable all you need do is START.” I strongly believe that gender has no limitations to whatever you want to become.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): What’s your advise to ladies out there and upcoming entrepreneurs in general?

Tessy Ndum: My advice to every woman out there is that,
First, don’t be scared of failing because if you are scared you will never start that dream of yours.
Secondly, it is absolutely very good to dream big, but starting small is very essential because it is better to correct a small mistake, learn from it and grow than to lose everything at once.

As a woman with the quest to succeed you will most times be faced with a lot of challenges, trust me without those challenges you will not grow faster, so whatever challenge you face as a beginner learn from it and never give up on your dreams no matter how hard it seems.

For you to be a winner you must learn never to quit halfway.

– Tessy Ndum

It is important as an Entrepreneur who is just starting to follow the legal ways of operating a functional Business.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): Thank you, Theresa, for honoring our invitation.

To know more about Theparo Paints, you can check them out on IG: @theparo.paints


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