Health is not against disruption. CEO, nghealthtips Oladimeji Ayodeji gives exclusive health tips to entrepreneurs.

Health is not against disruption. CEO, nghealthtips Oladimeji Ayodeji gives exclusive health tips to entrepreneurs.

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nghealthtips is another beautiful Nigerian startup that encourages the society especially entrepreneurs to manage well their health. Sitting down for long, depriving yourself food and sleep and facing white screen without taking nap will only damage your health and won’t make you productive.

In this exclusive interview with Oladimeji Ayodeji, the lead of nghealthtips, he talks expressively on how to manage your health as entrepreneurs and healthy way to disrupt.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (Stackpreneur): ngHealthtips is one of the beautiful platform around that talks about quality health tips.. What did you see to start this platform?

Oladimeji Ayodeji (nghealthtips): nghealthips came on board out of passion for healthy living. And desire to educate the entire populace on issues that relate to their health. The need for good health is not negotiable and we’ve created a platform where health Tips can be dished out to enlighten people on things they need to do to improve their health and wellbeing.


OH (Stackpreneur): What expertise do you have to start ngHealthTips?

OA (nghealthtips) Am a graduate of Health Science Education and a certified Health and Safety officer. The world is changing from curative medicine to preventive medicine and that has really given us an ample hand to perform our role as a preventive personnel. Most diseases occur as a result of ignorance of what to do.

OH (Stackpreneur):: Hmmmm! That is great. You said health is not negotiable. That reminds me.. Is health against disruption? People want to innovate but depriving themselves some health standard led to casualties.

OA (nghealthtips): They lack information as regards what to do to prevent such and that’s what we are doing now and we are doing it well. Health is not against disruption but certain rules are constant. Sacrifices must be paid for innovations to be achieved but you really need to treat your self well. Remember, you only enjoy your accumulated wealth only when you are healthy. Now, sacrifices like sleepless night, eating junks can be handled. This is the tip, you can’t do without sleep but if you must observe some sleepless night, then you need to fuel the tank very well. Eat food that are high in nutrients so that when the body is working it has something to keep it going. No matter how busy you are,you need a nap. Adequate sleep has a way of freshening the memory, giving it a boost while sleep deprivation will lead to frustration.

OH (Stackpreneur): Hmmmm! tech people need to see this.. How is nghealthtips helping these people especially the entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams in good health?

OA (nghealthtips): We’ve been working assiduously to achieve this feet through seminars, health talks and conferences. Also,we have on our  website health tips for Entrepreneurs on how they can manage their health despite their tight schedule and involvement.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (Stackpreneur): Great! What advice do you have for entrepreneurs out there about managing their health and at the same be productive?

OA (nghealthtips): We will say it this way : Maintain healthy lifestyle and this can be achieved through:

  • Enough sleep
  • Exercise
  • Keep a healthy diet

OH (Stackpreneur): That is a great tips… Who is the CEO of ngHealthTips?

OA (nghealthtips): Lol. We are all contributors, no CEO. However, Oladimeji Ayodeji Amos takes the lead role.

Remember, you only enjoy your accumulated wealth only when you are healthy.. CEO,

Your health is not static, it is a continuum. To be productive, you need to maintain your health and take good care of your body system. To receive daily health tips, visit and you will forever remain healthy.

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