Starting NGO the right way – Olasupo Abideen

Starting NGO the right way – Olasupo Abideen

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You certainly may have heard of the many stories of many successful entrepreneurs, but many works may not have presented to you just the perfect ingredients that distinguish some very few among their contemporaries.

Today I consider the success story of a mentor Olasupo Abideen the National Coordinator at Brain Builders International an International Non-governmental organization with a scope of work in Entrepreneurship and Empowerment programme, Educational Development programme, Project Management, and Consultation responsibilities as just the perfect intellectual dish for you.

He is a  recipient to many awards, some which are not limited to: Entrepreneur of the year award (2012), the prestigious Voice of the voiceless award (2013), the first student online consultant award (2013), the Young Peace Builder of the year 2018, an award that was keenly contested by young peacebuilders in the continent. He was recently named as one of the 50 Enterprise for Peace Scholar sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abideen was recently named as one of the 100 Most Influential African, among others Olasupo Abideen has proven to be a titan within the sphere of men. 

To me, It all began as a resilient young entrepreneur looking for the perfect sphere to work and excel during my one year compulsory National Youth Service (NYSC)  I had hooked up with a friend who commands great skills within the Public Relations business and has built a pack of committed team around the same area. 

So committed and resolved I was that I went through the basic observational learning process of how things were done within his business in just a short while and, this  young man introduced me to the many rudiments of the  act of writing, plagiarism check, Search Engine Optimization et al. all of which are peculiar to his business operations.

He had also encouraged that I use the Social media network and the many goodies that it presents to follow a few people online in a bid to understand further advancement needs and see what was obtainable in their day-to-day operations. 

Sincerely, I enjoyed every moment that the media preached because I could observe the many perspectives keenly that this choice area of mine dictates. Yes! Do you want to talk about networking and collaborating? Or connecting and bridging the existing dots and gaps which characterized my career space?. 

Fast Forward!

The future is certainly having a unique smile for me unknowingly as I witnessed the BB4peace 2018 award evening, an event organized by an organization responsible for initiatives that surround peacebuilding in Africa largest country, Nigeria. 

Projecting and Reading out loudly, the organizers rained accolades to the many works done by this one personality and why he was the most sought and best fit recipient for the award. Yes! This welcomed with an unusual surprise as one of my online mentors who though I haven’t had a chance to engage in a tête-à-tête with not even in any occasion, but one I admire so much has just emerged the overall winner of the award. 

Although didn’t maintain presence holding to other schedules and programmes, one of his team member saluted the audience and grabbed the award for him and greet all present with a smile. I communicated so much excitement to these celebrated cum outstanding achievements and saluted the wellspring that they drew from despite not having met this mentor of mine. 

I really wanted to show how much this brilliance and outstanding contributions have caught me in the web, so I engaged in a quick journey to his Facebook account congratulating him for this rare achievement cum greeted his show of intelligence while note that I maintained a presence in the hall. To my greatest surprise, I got a response, faster than I could imagine. A reply that caught me awe because he doesn’t know me that well.

This single humility shown made me more glued to his personality, works, and writings online. And subsequently, my dear mentor made a post that has inspired me to write and share why it is necessary to take a clue from his path of success.

In a recent post of Abideen titled “Capacity building and opportunities: My moments as ONE Champion” he captured with shared insights his ever dynamic success plays and the many defining thoughts engaged in that kept him on an enduring voyage to be at the top of the world.

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Every avid and die-to-the-wool reader could deduce from his post that the one thing that kept propelling him was his drive to make the world a better place– that’s the big shot! Which explained that as an entrepreneur, our core motive must be first to put ideas, innovation, and resources together with the mindset of making your immediate community a better place. From there comes our own reward(s).

Indeed this justification the assertion that success is a product of the kind of network one builds for him/herself in one’s chosen path, but then the excellent network comes often from the cross-fertilization of ideas with people who have a burning desire to making their world a better place.

One basic clue Abideen shared in his post which one may find interesting and worth noting was his thought that “while lending a hand to make the world a better place, him becoming the ONE champion in 2018 placed him on the right spot to becoming a champion, while also equipping him with the power to help the world. He further opined that he took this rare privilege with honor. 

In the same vein, he explained further how the possibility of making a better world suddenly became feasible by providing the methodology used. He was quoted to have said that “Over time, he learnt strategic ways to developmental advocacy and mobilising support for national growth while leveraging on the network of other people and helping others to help themselves. I was able to work with fifty other champions, to promote ONE’s objectives, while understanding and promoting strategic advocacy.”

This story is meant to spice up that passion and desire, and the first is by carving out a specific niche for yourself in an area that interest you most. This was explained in Abideen’s post about him being passionate about the SDGs goals. It is essential to have a particular niche to thrive in the NGO world. 

Another vital clue one needs to take from this award-winning Brain Builders Coordinator is setting objectives. The position of setting objectives cannot be downplayed as it is likened to food for the normal growth and the bloodstream of one’s body. This is because it allows you to monitor your progress and ensure you are growing in the pace you want to see your dream go in the course of building a better world not just for yourself but for the larger percent of people around your life. 

Reminiscing on his impact story, Abideen stated how in the past one year, he had achieved many objectives – ONE’s objectives and his. That is, making the world a better place for all of us. To him, it was nothing void of appreciation for the opportunity to help the world which he believes was a rare privilege he enjoyed. 

While we congratulate Mr. Abideen on his many successful achievements, we are convinced he would keep doing more to make the world a better place and  we issue this clarion call to others who intend or those who have started their own NGOs to take a clue from this award-winning and world-changing personality as the essence of sharing this story is to tell you that this journey may not necessarily be birthed a by a reward system for the many hardworking inputs but that SMART work as I term it would certainly place that idea above the barricades and place your story as the next in line to be told. 

Jot this and wear this badge because that driving force for that must not be greased by what you intend to gain but rather let that heart be filled with an unquenchable desire to causing a positive impact in that little world that your presence occupy. 

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