TeamApt got featured on Forbes, a motivation for African startups

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TeampApt, a startup company in the financial services raised a whopping $5.5M in a Serie A investment led by Quantum Capital Partners.

The investment company owned by the founder of Zenith bank, Jim Ovia is optimistic to invest in local startups rather than foreign investors investing in African startups only or vice versa.

That is not the news anyway. The news is that, TeamApt got featured on Forbes. The CEO and Founder of Teamapt, Tosin Eniolorunda wrote on his Linkedin:

The most exciting thing about Teamapt is that the fund are the first they have raised. All funding were raised internally and there was no other external investment before Quantum Capital Partners came on board.

This really means, starting and scaling businesses are very possible without external funding.

The CEO of TeamApt said, in the early stage, to raise fund and make sure the startup keep deploying robust solutions to banks, they engaged themselves in businesses that are not in the financial sector.

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He also said, they make sure their clients pay them upfront. The truth is that, if your solution entice your clients, they will pay even full up front.

Congrats to team Teamapt!

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