5 things a domain name says about a business or company

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A domain name is the address of your business or product website. Domain names are usually alphabets with some special characters (like -) and with a period (.) and an extension (.com, .ng, net, .com.ng etc). There a many things a domain name says about a business or company. Here are 5 things a domain name says about a business or company

The Registrar

A domain extension (.ng, .za, .cn) talks about the domain registrar. Domain registrars have the authority to issue localized domain names. NIRA is a domain registrar in Nigeria that issues domain names with extensions .ng. .co,.ng, .gov.ng, .org.ng and so on.

Domain names like this .cn or .com.ng means they are registered in Nigeria while .za or .com.za means they are registered in South Africa.

The Business Vision

A renowned media platform in Nigeria, Techpoint initially has the .ng domain name which means their vision was within Nigeria. With their former techpoint.ng, they were able to position themselves and gain ground. Organised events like Techpoint Build, Techpoint Inspired and lot more within Nigeria. The moment the vision expanded to Africa, the domain name changed to techpoint.africa.

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The Type of Business or Product

From the address, the content of a website can be 90% guessed because the domain name speaks about it. A domain name with .edu will definitely be an education platform like school, university while a domain name with .gov will definitely be a government agency.

The Cost

TLD (Top Level Domain) names are usually expensive more than other extensions. .com, .net, .ng are usually expensive than .com.cn, .com.za or .com.ng.

.ng in Nigeria is even more expensive than .com or net and .com.ng cost as low as 1,000 Naira depending on the domain name provider.

Your Business is on the Internet

After the err .com gold rush, there hundreds additional domain name extensions. Apart from the global acclaimed domain names like .com, .net, countries now have their own localized registrars where they have authority over domain names domiciled in the country.

So, your domain name basically tells that your business is on the internet and can be accessible through out the globe.

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Therefore, don’t feel inferior if the .com or .net of the domain name your are looking for is not available, try your localized domain extension.

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