The day I finally meet Tony Elumelu in a 30 sec elevator

The day I finally meet Tony Elumelu in a 30 sec elevator

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Elevator Pitch is a very popular field you must technically and intelligently fill when applying for a grant or developing a business plan or telling an investor about your business or idea. All thanks to Sleek Wears, I have always seen this word but he break it down and I understood it.

Now, imagine as an entrepreneur that is ambitious and have a beautiful product that is a solution to a problem but don’t have the fund or the network to make it known and you incidentally meet Tony Elumelu, Founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation, CEO Heirs Holding and Chairman UBA in an elevator that will last for 30 seconds before you depart.

This has been my dream and I hope it happens one day, so the title of this post is all about my dream LOL.

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To be serious, what will I do? How will I pitch my idea to Tony Elumelu in 30 seconds that will cause him to tell me, young champ, this is my card, meet me tomorrow morning for a coffee meeting and tell me more about your idea.

So, I penned these down and have been rehearsing them since I had this dream because it will come true.

Who am I?

Since I have a whopping 30 seconds, I should be able to tell Tony Elumelu in the elevator something interesting about me in 10 seconds. Of course my name is important.

What problem am I solving?

Actually this is first most important thing he wants to hear. This is where it will get interesting to him and if this can really shock him, then I already have 40% chance to meet him tomorrow. So, I must be able to tell him this in another 10 seconds.

What is the solution in the simplest form?

A problem without solution is still a problem. So, in the last 10 seconds, I must be able to tell him the solution I’m providing for the problem in the simplest one word statement. The solution is as important as the problem which can earn me another 40% chance of meeting him tomorrow.

Yes, it’s as easy as that but requires intelligence, storytelling ability and a really fast talker. Thank God, I’m a fast talker.

This is very possible and it is preparation (skills, spiritual) + opportunity = success.

So, join me in dreaming this dream.

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